Making the case for business social software

Jive Software's Clearspace 2.0, in the words of reviewer Mike Heck, extends collaboration outside the firewall, gives users more customization options, and adds project management.

"Even with all these admirable changes, Jive still faced a problem: how to convince users to purchase an arguably better social product when they may already have document-oriented Microsoft SharePoint Server with its own blogs and wikis," Heck writes. "The answer: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em -- by offering SharePoint integration."

Jive Software made a number of changes to differentiate Clearspace 2.0 from rival enterprise blog and wiki offerings, Heck explains, adding that whether they will be enough to entice SharePoint users to purchase Clearspace as a complement remains to be seen.

"But with Clearspace's tight focus on people and work, compared to Microsoft's file orientation, I bet there'll be more than a few customers running the two products."

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