.NET apps as resource hogs

Best of the blogs: "I would love not to have use Windows for existing .NET apps," begins Dave Rosenberg in Open Sources. To that end, Rosenberg is researching why .Net apps consume so much, resource-wise.

App dev: Sun and Microsoft are eyeing high-performance computing and AJAX, respectively, via the Fortress language and Script#. Sun's Fortress is a general purpose language intended for HPC applications, while Script#, which a Microsoft architect is working on his spare time, will enable developers to leverage C# skills to build JavaScript.

Applications: Microsoft, in response to legal threats from Adobe, says it will yank features for automatically saving documents as a PDF from Office 2007, as well as the XPS (XML Paper Specification), its own rival to PDF.

Security: Yet another stolen laptop compromises customer data -- this time that of nearly 250,000 Hotels.com customers. The theft occurred after an Ernst and Young employee left the computer inside a locked vehicle.

Browsers: Mozilla posts an update to Firefox and Thunderbird, rated 'highly-critical' by Secunia, that fixes a dozen security bugs, five of which are serious enough than an attacker could run unauthorized software on an unpatched system.

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