WordPerfect's defeat: Re-visiting an historic gripe

Applications: It seems there are some gripes that readers just can't let go of. Ed Foster's Gripe Line re-examines one that is ancient history in terms of the technology world: Why did WordPerfect lose out to Microsoft Word? There is still plenty of debate whether "WordPerfect simply failed to compete or was a victim of Microsoft monopolistic practices." Some readers feel Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, and others "were the leaders of the pack; Microsoft brought up the rear, then used FUD to crush them." But others are quick to point out that WordPerfect wasn't blameless in its defeat: ""WordPerfect ran into trouble when it did not move quickly into the Windows environment." Where do you weigh in on this historic argument?

Hardware: More than 2,000 consumer electronics companies will soon be fighting for the attention of 140,000 attendees at International CES. Before succombing to the hype and hoopla, visit this look back at the class of 2007 to see which predictions from last year's show were spot-on -- and which were way off the mark.

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