Product review: Inside open source AJAX toolkits

There are now more AJAX libraries than any sane person can even consider. So, with that, we concentrate on the more established ones: Dojo, Ext, Google Web Toolkit, jQuery, MooTools, Prototype and Scriptaculous, and Yahoo User Interface Library.

"Many of the open source libraries are best for programmers who need to add a bit of AJAX functionality to a Web page," Peter Wayner explains.

They are usually collections of tools in different states of development. But the ones we look at are not designed for creating full-blown Web applications; that task is still reserved for the heftier packages from commercial companies.

"All of these packages will solve most of the same problems. Major differences or missing widgets are usually erased quickly because the developers borrow ideas and code from one another. Cool widgets are often duplicated by other projects. The secondary issues are more important in the longer run."

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