DLP: too hard to use

Computer and network security is challenging enough. Making it worse, though, are data-leak prevention tools that are so tricky some customers, even after having them in place for years, are questioning whether DLP will ever manage to live up to its primary objectives.

“DLP tools may someday mature to the point where IT departments can more easily create enforcement policies that don't get in the way of day-to-day business,” Matt Hines writes in Data-leak security proves to hard to use. “Until then, DLP systems may be better suited for forensics purposes -- to analyze incidents after they happen and give IT a clearer view into how users actually work with the data they want to protect.”

Hindering DLP are many weighty realities: the time it takes to understand how an organization uses information, the volume and complexity of that information, establishing governance policies that address risks but doing so without writing rules that get in the way of daily business operations. And on and on.


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