A new title in IT: Chief Blogging Officer

HighBeam Research this morning announced that it appointed a Chief Blogging Officer (CBO).

To be specific, HighBeam is now working with blogger Christopher Locke to develop blogging tools. The company also announced a new Web page: chiefbloggingofficer.com.

I Googled the new-sounding title and found a reference from February of this year on Ben McConnell's and Jackie Huba's blog, Church of the Customer, but that post did not entail the naming of anyone to a CBO position. Ben McConell did, however, suggest that Robert Scoble should be named as Microsoft's chief blogging officer and in that capacity manage other Microsoft bloggers in spreading the company's message. McConnell dubbed it BR, as in Blog relations.

So I'd say Locke is one of the first, if not the very first CBO. It's still a bit early to tell if Chief Blogging Officer will catch on as a title, though.

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