Iona's open source SOA play

SOA: This week Iona Technologies announced products to advance open source SOA, including an ESB, Message Broker, Services Framework and Mediation Router. These offerings are available under the brand Fuse, and based on Apache projects.

Columnist's corner: When it conducts its pandemic flu exercise this fall, the financial services fray will effectively become the first such industry to plan for it, leading Ephraim Schwartz to wonder if the time has come for others to follow suit? In this week's installment of Reality Check, he explains that, "the effects of a pandemic are unique, according to the experts I spoke with. It's a great idea to create a contingency plan -- no matter what industry sector you're in."

The news beat: The former CEO of ATI quits AMD nine months after the merger. Google makes a business case for security of its hosted applications. A new phishing tool can create sites in a matter of seconds, thereby enabling fraudsters to operate more efficiently. And Microsoft says it will launch its next wave of products in 2008.

Best of the blogs: Savio Rodrigues has an answer for just about anyone insisting that VCs ought to be weary of open source. "Show them this analysis," he maintains in Revisited -- returns on open source VC investments. "Pulling out the old calculator once in a while helps to add credibility to our views."

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