Cursing Vista's lead developer

Best of the blogs: Confessing that he loves Vista's search mechanism, Randall Kennedy shares with readers a fondness for the 'Stack By' feature that eases finding and sorting data files. Sounds great, right? It is, so long as it works. "When it breaks -- as it did recently while researching this blog post -- I find myself cursing the day its lead developer was born." Ouch. A handful of failed desperate measures, as executed in Vista Search: slick but buggy, and the good Mr. Kennedy is already hoping for Service Pack 1.

Test Center review: "Welcome to the Virtual Database zone," Rick Grehan extends in seeMore makes order out of chaos. The seeMore Virtual Server accepts popular databases, including Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, SleepyCat's Berkeley DB, and others on a long, distinguished list. "This is a tool for large enterprises whose squads of dissimilar databases beg for the imposition of a unifying order." It does have a steep ticket, though.

Tech Watch: The Eclipse IDE ranks last in a user satisfaction survey because, by definition, "open source software is always the crappiest software you can get." So says Robert Lefkowitz, 30-year software architect and systems designer, speaking at the EclipseCon. Of course, he also pointed at Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, of the latter sarcastically quipping that the software industry has "noble, good-hearted people." Gates does not get off easy either in Lefkowitz cites open source oddities.

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