Renault in Linux deal with Microsoft, Novell

Microsoft will deliver more than 1,000 support subscription certificates for Suse Linux Enterprise Server to French automaker Renault, under an agreement announced by Microsoft and Novell on Wednesday.

Renault will receive priority support subscriptions to Novell's Suse Linux distribution. Renault plans to consolidate existing Linux distributions to Suse Linux Enterprise Server with the intent of improving interoperability and taking better advantage of virtualization, Microsoft and Novell said.

Through a 2006 agreement between Novell and Microsoft, Microsoft has purchased support certificates to Suse Linux, with Novell to provide the support.

“Increasing the presence of Suse Linux Enterprise in the data center, well-integrated with a Microsoft Windows environment, will enhance the deployment of applications and increase the competitive advantage of innovative companies," said Susan Heystee, vice president and general manager of global strategic alliances for Novell, in a statement.

“Customers have asked for solutions to make Microsoft products work better with other platforms and for IP assurance that enables vendors to build technical bridges,” said Susan Hauser, general manager of strategic partnerships and licensing at Microsoft, also in a statement. “We are pleased to provide this real-world, pragmatic solution to customers, such as Renault.”

The controversial 2006 agreement also included provisions that Novell and Microsoft not sue each other's customers over any IP issues.

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