First New Year's resolution

Security: It being that time of year and all, Roger Grimes throws out a resolution with the recommendation that IT pros follow. "Download and install OpenBSD, and see what it can do for you," he writes in this week's installment of Security Adviser. Okay, okay, I'll give you a hint. "There is no better secure, popular OS than OpenBSD ... few other OSes can say that in 10 years of existence, outsiders found only one kernel bug. It's quite the record."

Best of the blogs: Yes, the holidays are now for the most part over, but Stephanie Bruzzese learned during them that she's not the only one using technology to break bad news. In her case it was to "cushion the blow" about travel plans but, it seems, gadgets just might be "compromising the integrity of the average employee." Though she, and some readers, have their doubts about that. Mobile tech making liars of us all?

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