Microsoft Sends Eiger To Beta Testers

Microsoft said on Thursday it has sent out to selected beta testers its "Windows-based operating solution", code named Eiger, which offers users with older PCs a chance to benefit from the company's current security and management products and solutions.

A company spokesman said Eiger is still in the "very early stages of product development and testing," although he declined to say how many corporate or third party developers it was sent out to.

When underpowered users can finally afford to upgrade to the latest hardware and software Eiger reportedly will provide them with a migration path to Windows XP or to Longhorn running on a new PC, a company spokesman said.

Eiger is seen as part of Microsoft's thin client strategy aimed the low-end of market and intended to fend off Linux or a range of server-based strategies that allow users to put thin clients on their desktops. The idea behind thin clients is to significantly reduce administrative costs and offer more robust security.

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