Challenging LTO with a DLT drive

Test Center review: Digital linear drives are being outsold by Linear Tape-Open, or LTO, drives these days. But Quantum hopes to change that with its DLT-S4. "The DLT-S4 offers twice the capacity-per-reel of its LTO-3 rivals, and Quantum makes this technical advantage even more appealing with an aggressive price," senior analyst Mario Apicella writes. "The Quantum DLT-S4's remarkable speed is still well behind the nominal 160MBps of the LTO-3, but customers might appreciate its large capacity, moderate cost, and powerful management features." Read the full review.

Best of the blogs: Rpath may be looking to obviate Red Hat, but Matt Asay says that won't be happening anytime soon, in this post. "Still, there's a lot of value in tightly integrating an operating system to an application, so that you take one vendor/moving part out of the support equation. It will be interesting to see how Rpath plays out."

The news beat: slaps AOL on the wrist and calls version 9 badware because it interferes with computer use and meddles with components, namely the IE browser. Google unwraps a Web-based Office rival compelete with several, but not all, of its services. And BMC whips up better batch management.


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