Kirix Data Base App Debuts

One of the more interesting products making its debut at this week's LinuxWorld in Boston was a data base application from Kirix Corp. that helps users to better manipulate data in a graphical environment create queries and generate reports.

Called Strata the product, which can be used with both Linux and Windows, combines some of the capabilities of a spreadsheet with those of a data base management system. Users are able to create a variety of calculations across an entire dataset and then combine that with data from other data sets interactively, thereby carrying out instant aggregate calculations on large groups of related data base records.

The product is capable of importing and exporting data back and forth from Microsoft's Access, FoxPro and xBase and text delimited files as well as ODBC, IBM's DB2, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft's SQL Server. It also provides Unicode support.

"The idea is to have a dialogue with your data. You can make changes to the logic of your formulas and then be able to see the results immediately without having to run a long query," said Aaron Williams, the Chief Scientist at Kirix. "With this sort of quick feedback you can respond fast to what the data is telling you," he added.

The folks running IDG's LinuxWorld Conference and Expo this week also liked what they saw of the new product, giving it their Product Excellence Award in the Best Desktop-Productivity-Business Application category.

The product costs $125 per year for a subscription license or $425 for a perpetual license, plus $45 a year annual maintenance fee to pay for updates.


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