Sun rises on Java Web services

What Sun Microsystems' Java WSDP (Web Services Developer Pack), Early Access Release 1, shares in common with IBM's Web Services Toolkit is that neither is ready for production use. But developers who examine WSDP now will soon find themselves a step ahead of the competition.

At the core of WSDP is a set of Java APIs that allow developers to create, receive, and manipulate XML data; create Web services using SOAP and WSDL; support XML messaging via SOAP-capable messaging profiles; and access UDDI registries.

Sun has also included a handy JSP (JavaServer Page) library that contains frequently used functions for processes such as XSL (Extensible Style Language) transformations, and a built-in UDDI server that can be used during local development to validate registry access. As for security, WSDP comes with a JSSE (Java Secure Socket Extension) tool, which supports data encryption, authentication, and message integrity.

Although the WSDP is a reference implementation and not a development platform, it provides developers with a free leg up on the learning curve associated with becoming proficient at Web services creation, deployment, and maintenance.

-- Maggie Biggs

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