Plastic SCM 2.0 set for parallel development projects

Platform backs Mono implementation of .Microsoft's Net Framework, can be integrated with the MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases

Codice Software on Monday introduced Plastic SCM 2.0, a software configuration management system that the company said streamlines how applications are assembled.

Plastic SCM can manage parallel development, where multiple developers work on software at once, perhaps from geographically dispersed locations. Featured are version control capabilities, merge tracking, and visualization tools.

"We built Plastic SCM from the ground up to be the mission-critical replacement for other software configuration options, many of which are open source projects," said Pablo Santos, chief executive officer at Codice, in a statement released by the company. "We have made Plastic SCM with an easy-to-use interface, in a way that is massively scalable and can integrate with a wide variety of development environments."

Thousands of branches can be managed through a streamlined user interface, Codice said. Plastic SCM can be used by developers working with Java, Microsoft technologies, or other languages. It can work with tools such as Visual Studio, Eclipse or Oracle JDeveloper.

The product will run on Mono, which is an open source version of Microsoft's .Net Framework. It can be integrated with the MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Many customers will use Plastic SCM as a replacement for CVS, Visual SourceSafe, or Subversion, Codice said. Branches and data can be imported from these tools.

A revision management engine wrapped around versioning functionality is featured. Managers can assign a task and attach it to a branch of a given project.