2007 InfoWorld 100 Awards

This year's recipients of InfoWorld's highest honor are shining examples of IT projects undertaken by tech leaders committed to pushing their organizations forward

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UPS www.ups.com
Fully Integrated Online Customer Request Service
Project Lead: Cathy Callagee, Vice President, Information Services
Project Description: UPS Delivery Intercept is an automated service that enables shippers to intercept and reroute packages before they are delivered. The Web-enabled service leverages existing UPS-developed systems used in the company's small package delivery business and customer-facing systems. A wide array of technologies was tapped to complete the project, including server virtualization and messaging middleware. The complete implementation affected workstations and servers in 1,000 buildings and required functional changes to the 60,000 mobile devices these buildings deploy each day.

US Foodservice www.foodservice.com
Application Virtualization Initiative
Project Lead: Dorian Monroe, Senior Technical Specialist
Project Description: To alleviate enterprisewide challenges related to application management, US Foodservice embarked on an application virtualization initiative centered on Altiris Software Virtualization Solution. When complete, US Foodservice will have virtualized 80 applications across 90 distribution centers serving more than 27,000 employees. The project will save US Foodservice an estimated $1 million annually in reimaging costs and will reduce direct support costs by as much as 40 percent.

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Denver Public Schools
Incentive-Based Compensation System for Teachers
Project Lead: Caley Miller, Budget Analyst
Project Description: To budget and forecast pay for 1,900 teachers, the Denver Public Schools created the Professional Compensation System, centered on the Cognos TM1 performance management software. Undertaken to reward teachers for performance in a manner similar to that used in corporate settings, ProComp provides the Trust Board with key performance indicators, such as turnover rates, and individual teachers with metrics to help them drive their own salaries.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Information Services & Technology web.mit.edu
Web 2.0 Enterprise Multimedia Management Application
Project Lead: Catherine Iannuzzo, Manager, DSPS/ISDA/IS&T
Project Description: MIT's Information Services and Technology group developed Thalia, an application framework for the management of image and other digital media. To ensure the product's success, MIT partnered with Questcon Technologies, a QA and test specialty firm, to validate the application before releasing it to MIT's departments. Thalia comprises a rich Web client and the Image Management Engine, which provides a framework of distinct, reusable components via its REST-style APIs. Thalia's Web client was built using OpenLaszlo and is compiled to create a Flash interface. Thalia's back end comprises Java servlets exposed as REST Web services, and it interfaces with the Alfresco open source ECM (enterprise content management) system. The framework allows MIT departments to upload, organize, tag, present, discuss, and search multimedia content.

Purdue University www.itap.purdue.edu
Server Virtualization
Project Lead: Mike Rubesch, Director of IT Infrastructure Systems
Project Description: Facing a space and resource crisis, Purdue University virtualized 140 servers onto three HP DL-585 physical machines, reducing overall power usage by 84 percent. Taking up a tenth of its previous footprint, the VMware-based environment is expected to reduce facilities costs by $75,000 per year and hardware costs by $250,000 annually.

Sam Houston State University www.shsu.edu
Open Source VoIP
Project Lead: Aaron Daniel, Senior Voice Analyst
Project Description: Sam Houston State University migrated 6,000-plus extensions from Cisco CallManager to Asterisk, eliminating phone licensing costs and increasing customization control and security in the process. Open source VoIP functionality is spread across six redundant Dell servers and has resulted in per-phone cost savings of approximately 66 percent.

Sinclair Community College www.sinclair.edu
Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence: Analytics/Reporting
Project Lead: Karl Konsdorf, Manager of Database Analytics and Reporting
Project Description: Seeking to leverage student data to help improve programming, budgeting, and enrollment, Sinclair Community College constructed an integrated information architecture centered around SAS software. Data regarding its students and the college's business activities is pooled and analyzed by the system, delivering reports to improve administrators' decision-making abilities. The initiative supports more than 75 departments, mining 10 years' worth of student data, and has proved instrumental in turning around enrollment and improving student success rates.

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Bank of America
Pioneer Trading System
Project Lead: Nathan Zhang, Managing Director of Electronic Trading Technologies
Project Description: The bank developed the Pioneer Trading System to provide a high-speed real-time trading platform across its financial trading units. Tapped by more than 200 business users across the globe, the Java-based system has increased the trading volume of the bank's busiest desks by a factor of 10. [ Readthe full Bank of America finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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CAN www.can.es
Bolstering Branch-Office Support
Project Lead: Gabriel Morote, Organization & IS Manager
Project Description: CAN launched an ITIL-based initiative to improve IT support at the bank's branch offices. The bank teamed up with CA to design and implement an incident management, problem management, and change management system, rolling out two servers to provide support to more than 2,000 employees.

Capital One www.capitalone.com
Harnessing the Power of VoIP
Project Lead: Robert Turner, SVP of Enterprise Technology Operations
Project Description: Under the aegis of its Future of Work initiative, the diversified financial services company rolled out VoIP companywide, providing employees with much-needed mobility, while reducing cost and increasing "employee density" -- which the company expects will keep it from having to overcommit to future real estate investments. [ Read the full Capital One finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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Credit Suisse www.credit-suisse.com
Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Portal
Project Lead: Gil Zeilberger, Director, CTO Prime Services Group
Project Description: In response to the need for centralized visibility and oversight of application-level access rights, Credit Suisse's Prime Services Technology in partnership with the Central Infrastructure team created a centralized, fine-grained access control solution for its Prime Services hedge fund portal. Rather than custom-coding entitlements into applications, Credit Suisse sought a more flexible, secure, and reliable method of managing entitlements. The project was completed in compliance with the XACML standard and was crafted to support and be compliant with SOA standards and architecture principles. To secure the hedge fund portal, which runs on BEA WebLogic, the team integrated Securent's Entitlement Management Solution into its Java and .Net applications and into the company's heterogeneous IT stack.

E-Trade Financial www.etrade.com
E-Trade Financial Security Program
Project Lead: Greg Framke, Managing Director and Chief Information Officer
Project Description: In partnership with RSA, E-Trade created Digital Security ID, a two-factor authentication security solution. Based on RSA Cyota, the solution estimates risk for each transaction in real time, requesting additional authentication credentials for high-risk transactions, and helps enable E-Trade to provide its customers with fraud coverage, as well as payment and privacy protection.

Opal Future Technologies www.opaltech.co.il
Consolidate Eight Pension Funds Using Portal
Project Lead: Alex Libis, Information and Data Security Manager
Project Description: The company consolidated management and CRM for eight separate pension funds, each with its own technology base, transforming a chaotic constellation of functionalities into an opportunity to revolutionize both code and customer service. [ Read the full Opal finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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Raymond James Financial www.raymondjames.com
Centralized Document Management
Project Lead: Sue Desiderio, Manager, Software Engineering
Project Description: Raymond James Financial, a Florida-based diversified holding company, built a customized, Web-based document management system to establish a centralized repository for all IT project documents and artifacts. Built using Borland StarTeam as a foundation, StarPoint was integrated with Microsoft SharePoint to manage technical change requests and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. The system also acts as a code repository for more than 450 IT projects in support of the firm's 1.6 million financial accounts throughout the world.

Scarborough Building Society www.scarboroughbs.co.uk
Mainframe and Database Migration
Project Lead: Kevin Moran, IT Director
Project Description: Scarborough's IT group migrated the building society's legacy IDMS database and applications to Microsoft SQL Sever 2005 and the .Net Framework as part of a comprehensive modernization effort that included replacing a Fujitsu mainframe with Windows Server 2003 systems. More than a million lines of code were migrated to .Net, including homegrown line-of-business applications for mortgage and savings account administration, mortgage insurance renewals, and branch cashiering.

Stonebridge Bank www.stonebridgebank.com
Server Virtualization
Project Lead: George Rapp, Senior Vice President of IT
Project Description: Having maxed out the rack space and power and cooling capabilities of its datacenter, the Pennsylvania-based bank embraced server virtualization, consolidating 131 servers down to 26. By connecting the resultant VMware ESX server environment via SAN, the bank has reduced its data management costs from $230 per server per month to $31. All told, the project has freed up 60 percent of its rack space and has reduced UPS use to 37 percent of capacity.

SunTrust Bank www.suntrust.com
Configuration Policy Review Project
Project Lead: Tim Baker, Manager, Network Management and Support
Project Description: SunTrust launched a configuration policy review initiative to improve customer support, comply with internal audit requests, consolidate device management across disparate datacenters, and deliver increased cost savings to the financial holdings company's bottom line. The project, based on network automation software from HP (formerly Opsware), affected 6,600 network devices and three datacenters; facilitated the provisioning of a new datacenter in three hours, as opposed to four days; and resulted in $300,000 savings.

TransUnion www.transunion.com
Advanced Analytics Project
Project Lead: Peter Hoversten, CIO
Project Description: Faced with a $2 million investment to increase capacity or a potentially risky overhaul, TransUnion rebuilt its existing mainframe system, establishing an ETL (extract, transform, load) tool to process approximately 3TB of data in mainframe-based datasets and forward it along to Sybase IQ for loading. The system reduces complex query results by 83 percent, saving TransUnion millions of dollars by eliminating the need for overflow CPUs in an effort to maintain customer service level agreements.

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City of Savannah, Ga., IT Dept.
Savannah Public Safety Muni Wi-Fi System
Project Lead: Brad Goodman, Network Manager
Project Description: Seeking to provide streaming surveillance video to desktops at headquarters and to mobile police officers in an effort to enhance public safety, the City of Savannah rolled out a metro-mesh Wi-Fi network, mounting Tropos MetroMesh routers on traffic and street lights and deploying single-axis cameras throughout the city. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras enable officials to zoom in on incidents, while fixed cameras monitor traffic flows and provide surveillance of critical infrastructure and potential problem sites such as convenience stores.

Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority www.mahealthconnector.org
Web Site Strategy, Design, and Development
Project Lead: Bob Nevins, Chief Information Officer
Project Description: Massachusetts recently embarked on a first-in-the-nation attempt to implement sweeping health care reform. Legislation was passed in April 2006 that requires all Massachusetts residents to acquire health insurance by Dec. 31, 2007. To help uninsured residents find affordable health care plans, the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, with assistance from Computer Sciences Corp., developed an interactive Web portal, integrating Vignette Application Portal 7.2 with other key technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server databases, Apache HTTP Web Server, Tomcat application server, and various open source developer tools. The team developed migration and configuration control processes for moving app components from environment to environment to complete the Web site, which communicates in real time using Web services and contains links to related systems and sites hosted by other state agencies, contractors, and participating health insurance carriers. To date, 8,200 residents have found affordable insurance through the Connector portal.

Correos www.correos.es
RFID Mail Delivery Optimization Streamlining
Project Lead: Regina Defarges, Organizational Deputy Director
Project Description: Embracing technology to accelerate mail delivery, Spain's state-run postal service launched Europe's largest ever RFID deployment, with 13,000 passive RFID labels, 2,300 antennas, and more than 331 readers at 16 locations. [ Readthe full Correos finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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Defense Contract Management Agency www.dcma.mil
IT Infrastructure Consolidation
Project Lead: Lorenzo J. Carter, Director of Architecture and Infrastructure Information Technology Customer Service Org
Project Description: To cut down on resource costs and management overhead, the Defense Contract Management Agency, an independent combat support agency within the Department of Defense, consolidated more than 600 servers and 17 mini-datacenters into two primary datacenters. The consolidation effort affected 9,500 employees in more than 60 offices, delivering an estimated $720,000 annual ROI.

Gaston County Government www.co.gaston.nc.us
Datacenter Modernization and Disaster Recovery
Project Lead: Brandon Jackson, Chief Information Officer
Project Description: Gaston County undertook a large-scale datacenter modernization project, featuring VMware-based virtualized servers and two Compellent SANs. The requisite application migration included an ESRI geographic information system, new workgroup collaboration apps, and a digital document repository from LaserFiche, which required the digitization of records for environmental health inspection, building inspection, accounts payable, and employee timesheets. The datacenter provides disaster recovery for 1,100 users across 35 departments and 25 sites and houses data for 85 Microsoft SQL-based third-party and custom apps.

Georgia Aquarium www.georgiaaquarium.org
IT Infrastructure Installment
Project Lead: Beach Clark, Vice President of Information Technology
Project Description: As diverse as its population of 100,000-plus aquatic denizens, the Georgia Aquarium's IT infrastructure taps a broad array of platforms to meet the needs of employees, guests, and sea critters alike, providing everything from payroll services and online ticketing to feeding scheduling and water filtration management. [ Read the full Georgia Aquarium finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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Internal Revenue Service www.irs.gov
Online Payment Agreement
Project Lead: William P. Farrell, Supervisory IT Specialist
Project Description: To help taxpayers voluntarily resolve tax liabilities, the IRS created the Online Payment Agreement system. The Java-based application consists of several components, including presentation, business, and data layers. Web page content resides in an Oracle database but is brought into JVM memory at startup to increase performance. Application-specific business rules reside in middle-tier Web app servers, and audit logging is sent to the IRS' Secure Audit and Analysis System. More than 90 percent of all monthly payment agreements -- which would otherwise have been handled manually -- qualify for electronic submission via OPA.

Leon County, Fla. www.leoncountyfl.gov
Law Enforcement Data Sharing Initiative
Project Lead: Hermon Davis, Justice Information System Coordinator
Project Description: Developed in conjunction with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the North Florida Pawn Network is a Web-based multijurisdictional pawned property management system that integrates software from the FBI's National Crime Information Center and the Florida Crime Information Center, as well as several pawn-shop businesses. The system checks pawned items against stolen property records, automatically notifying law enforcement officials by e-mail in the event of a match. It is currently used by 18 Florida and three Georgia counties for crime and homeland security investigations.

National Institutes of Health www.nih.gov
Optimizing ERP Implementation With Holistic Approach
Project Lead: Tom Keith, Director of Logistic Services
Project Description: NIH persevered through a challenging ERP implementation and made it a success by reengineering its data warehouse, item management, and purchasing business processes to take into account more than just the technology itself, an integration of Prism Purchasing and Oracle Warehouse Management software. Reconfiguring the system to match technology to business processes and to provide standard operating procedures, NIH improved its requisitioning, purchasing, warehousing, and distribution capabilities to facilitate medical research.

New York City DoITT www.nyc.gov/accessnyc
Public-Facing Online Screening Tool
Project Leads: Commissioner Paul Cosgrave; Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs
Project Description: To provide residents living below the poverty line with improved access to social services, New York's Integrated Human Services System Task Force launched Access NYC, a Web-based single point of entry to city, state, and federal human service benefit programs. The portal is based on Curam Software and taps WebLogic 9.1, Solaris 10, and Oracle 10g to allow 1.5 million New York City residents to pre-screen, anonymously, for more than 30 programs in seven languages.

North Carolina Department of Commerce www.nccommerce.com
Marketing Optimization Using Analytics, Data Mining
Project Lead: John Correllus, Business Intelligence Director
Project Description: To increase the state of North Carolina's ability to recruit new businesses, the Department of Commerce led a business-intelligence initiative to integrate data from a variety of sources and provide tabular and geospatial reporting and analytic capabilities to department employees, site selection consultants, and the North Carolina economic development community. The project integrates technology from SAS and ESRI and pulls data from various federal and state departments to provide site selection and relocation consultants with the tools to select appropriate relocation sites.

Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General www.attorneygeneral.gov
Server and Storage Virtualization
Project Lead: George White, Chief Information Officer
Project Description: To better keep up with the needs of the agency, the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General launched a comprehensive virtualization project, replacing 150 stand-alone servers with 40 Dell blade servers, virtualized using VMware. Stand-alone disk arrays were also replaced with a high-capacity NetApp SAN, combining both Fibre Channel and iSCSI. All told, the project achieved a 65 percent reduction in total cost of ownership, along with an estimated annual savings of $165,000 in support costs and more than $100,000 in storage service licensing.

State of Illinois, Department of Human Services www.dhs.state.il.us
Automated Forms Processing
Project Lead: John Rigg, Manager, Workflow Automation
Project Description: The Illinois DHS launched a form-processing automation initiative to improve its ability to provide Illinois residents with human services, including substance abuse treatment and prevention, family health, and domestic violence protection. The project integrates Adobe Acrobat Professional and LiveCycle Reader Extensions capabilities into the department's legacy systems, providing more than 1,000 auto-populated forms as interactive PDFs to case managers and the public.

U.S. Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems www.eis.army.mil
IT Infrastructure Modernization
Project Lead: Hari Bezwada, Director of the Information Technology Systems Project Office
Project Description: Information Technology Systems completed several upgrades at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to provide state-of-the-art communication services for the soldiers in long-term care at the hospital's medical-hold residences. The upgrades involved implementing iMac desktops (with Internet access), phone service, and cable TV service in all 700 medical-hold rooms at Walter Reed. ITS also built a separate LAN to support the new services without impacting Walter Reed's existing production network.

U.S. Joint Forces Command www.jfcom.mil
Information Sharing Exchange to Counter IEDs
Project Lead: James O. Barclay, Director, Joint Center for Operational Analysis
Project Description: The Knowledge and Information Fusion Exchange provides direct support to warfighters, coalition partners, and the R&D community to counter the IED (Improvised Explosive Device) threat. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SQL Server provide the KnIFE framework for collaborating, content provisioning, visualization, BI, and communications. The initiative makes databases and information portals on IED threats available to a range of military users, including warfighters with little or no connectivity.

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Abbott Laboratories
Sales and Financial Data Warehouse Initiative
Project Lead: Peggy Mathias, Senior Manager HQ IT Applications, International Division
Project Description: Abbott launched an international sales data consolidation effort, developing a flexible information management infrastructure capable of accommodating future organizational changes and rapidly evolving business needs. The project integrated Kalido as a data warehouse, Oracle and PL/SQL for data staging, and Cognos for its reporting front end, providing 250 finance and marketing executives in 65 countries access to consistent, high-quality data.

The Carilion Clinic www.carilion.com
Enabling ITSM Connectivity
Project Lead: Mike Smith, Director of Technology Services
Project Description: Carilion rolled out an mobile IT services management initiative to support 11,000 employees spread across 800 square miles in western Virginia. The solution integrated RIM BlackBerry devices, HP Service Center, and Vettro 360 for IT Service Management. All relevant IT service management functionality on the mobile device was bundled into a customized mashup to provide a single-view app to 132 service technicians.

CentraState Healthcare System www.centrastate.com
Workflow-Enabled Clinical System Implementation
Project Lead: Indranil Ganguly, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Project Description: To reduce avoidable medication errors and adverse drug effects, CentraState Healthcare partnered with Siemens Medical Solutions to revamp its health-care process management system, tapping Siemens Soarian and other solutions to deliver bar-coding capabilities both at the pharmacy and the bedside. The project involved nine critical systems and has thus far cut down adverse drug events by 54 percent, providing the nonprofit medical facility with approximately $2 million in savings per year.

Children's Hospital (Omaha, Neb.) www.chsomaha.org
Closed-Loop Medication Management System
Project Lead: Allana Cummings, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Project Description: With input from physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, Children's Hospital integrated its clinical and pharmacy software systems to create an end-to-end medication management solution. The unified system provides practitioners and pharmacists with a shared, integrated medication management workflow and access to all patient data in a single record, thereby providing a shared, enterprisewide view of all medications administered to a patient and ensuring optimal continuity of care.

Compassion International www.compassion.com
Web to COMPASS: BPM Initiative
Project Lead: Brian Houghtaling, Enterprise Architecture Director
Project Description: Web to COMPASS was launched by Compassion to streamline its sponsor engagement and service processes, enabling the organization to automate data collection, review, and approval for providing assistance to needy children in third-world countries. The project integrates Microsoft BizTalk with Ultimus' BPM suite, tapping the organization's .Net development skills to form an SOA foundation. A homegrown database is used in conjunction with a Cognos LAVA appliance to provide BAM services that help monitor the performance of Web to COMPASS. Compassion's BPM efforts have also reduced the cycle time for processing its more than 475,000 case studies a year from one month to two days.

FirstHealth of the Carolinas www.firsthealth.org
Storage Consolidation
Project Lead: Dave Dillehunt, CIO
Project Description: Contending with 100 percent data growth year over year, the health-care network embarked on a storage consolidation effort, replacing its DAS (direct-attached storage) infrastructure with a NetApp FAS (fabric-attached storage) solution. The project threaded more than 650 applications to the new storage system across three hospitals and facilitated the construction of a community repository of clinical images for improving patient care across treatment locations.

MedicAlert www.medicalert.org
SOA Initiative
Project Lead: Jorge Mercado, Architect of Advanced Technology Group
Project Description: The medical informatics company transformed its storage, retrieval, and sharing of biomedical data from legacy client/server systems to a modern, more universally accessible SOA, enabling those with vital medical emergency needs to trade in traditional MedicAlert bracelets for USB fobs, rich with personal medical history and emergency response requirements data. [ Read the full MedicAlert finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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The Schumacher Group www.tsged.com
Sales Force Automation
Project Lead: Douglas Menefee, Chief Information Officer
Project Description: Seeking to streamline sales force and recruiting operations, the emergency medicine management company rolled out a customized Salesforce initiative, integrating an array of applications, including a resource scheduling app and imaging solution for storing physician data. Tapping third-party AppExchange tools, the Schumacher Group was able to scrub thousands of records that were duplicates or misaligned due to poor data entry and to establish workflow and validation rules to ensure data accuracy into the future.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals www.solvaypharmaceuticals-us.com
Sales Force Effectiveness Initiative
Project Lead: Donna Lenning, Sr. IT Manager
Project Description: The pharmaceuticals firm revamped its inefficient paper-based sales operations and stovepiped systems, launching a streamlined sales force initiative complete with tablet PCs, digitized forms and signatures, and integrated client and back-end apps. [ Readthe full Solvay finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute www.ari.vt.edu
HPC Cluster for Cancer Research
Project Lead: Dr. Saifur Rahman, Director of ARI
Project Description: Virginia Tech's Advanced Research Institute constructed a high-performance computing cluster for cancer research. The 16-node cluster is based on Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and runs on HP ProLiant DL 145 machines. Parallelized apps written in MATLAB tap vast quantities of data acquired from biologists and physicians to perform molecular profiling of cancer patients.

The Well Project www.thewellproject.org
International AIDS Information Portal for Women
Project Lead: Richard G. Averitt, Chief Operating Officer
Project Description: The Well Project, an organization founded to curtail the spread of HIV/AIDS among women, created an International Information Portal to provide treatment information for AIDS patients and caregivers in multiple languages, beginning with English and Spanish. The portal was built on EMC Documentum content management and collaboration software, BEA WebLogic, and Lionbridge Technologies Freeway software for language management and translation. The infrastructure supports concurrent information and real-time updates across portals. Additional portals catering to speakers of languages other than English and Spanish are in the offing.

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Anthony Marano Co.
Distribution Automation and IT Infrastructure Upgrade
Project Lead: Chris Nowak, Chief Technology Officer
Project Description: The family-run wholesale distributor of fresh produce built a cutting-edge facility to efficiently move more than 1 million cases of fresh produce each month. The company automated its paper-based front-office operations with a customized, real-time inventory management application built on .Net Framework, and implemented a Fujitsu-based hardware infrastructure, tapping PRIMEQUEST's partitioning capabilities and PRIMERGY's mirrored memory configurations to deliver reliability and redundancy in support of its produce distribution operations.

Brinker www.brinker.com
Self-Service Sales App
Project Lead: Karen Hall, BI Applications Architect
Project Description: Brinker International, one of the world's leading casual dining restaurant companies, developed a self-service sales application to be used by its multiple restaurant chains and corporate executives. This application utilizes the company's new Teradata warehouse and WebFocus to track Sales and Guest metrics. Replacing the navigational design of the previous ASP-based tool, the application leverages Teradata, Information Builder's WebFocus, Apache, and Internet Information Server.

The Generations Network www.tgn.com
TGN Captures Voices, Connects Families
Project Lead: Ivan Sanchez, Senior Software Engineer
Project Description: In an effort to provide a richer experience for sharing and documenting family histories, The Generations Network launched its Oral History initiative, creating an application suite to record voices, capture memories, and organize and access those recordings within family trees posted on Ancestry.com. Oral History was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and uses XML/HTTP to invoke the services of LignUp Communications Applications Servers to call family members and record memories. Recordings are compressed using LAME MP3 Encoder software and are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Steak 'n Shake www.steaknshake.com
Achieving Tier-1 PCI Compliance
Project Lead: Sean Smith, Director, Strategic Technology Services
Project Description: Threading vulnerability auditing software from Qualys, end-point security software from McAfee, security information management from RSA, and patch management tools from Altiris, Steak 'n Shake launched a PCI compliance initiative, establishing a centralized enterprise architecture to push out security patches, anti-virus updates, and additional software to 490 stores in 20 states. The company's enterprisewide directory system ensures POS employee log-ins and activities are logged and compliant with Tier-1 PCI regulations.

Summer Bay Resort www.summerbayresort.com
Open Source VoIP Rollout
Project Lead: David Kurtz, Director of IT
Project Description: The time-share vacation property company rolled out an open source VoIP initiative in response to rapid operational growth. Replacing its legacy PBX with a series of HP DL360 machines running CentOS and Asterisk at each of its call centers, Summer Bay reduced its telephony expenditures tremendously. In addition to moving all calls from PRI circuits to SIP channels, the company has developed numerous in-house tools for reporting and a .Net app to handle all call monitoring, and it's currently working on a predictive dialing application for Asterisk.

US Foodservice www.usfoodservice.com
Project Streamline: Mobile Sales Force Automation
Project Lead: Paul Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Infrastructure
Project Description: Project Streamline provides a standard computing infrastructure for a mobile sales force of 5,000 territory managers in more than 70 locations. The suite includes roaming VPN, full access to corporate systems, efficient data transport, policy-based security, and standardized office tools, including e-mail, backup, and document management.

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CUNA Mutual Group
Claims Express: Integrated Multiple Product Processing
Project Lead: Craig Everson, Vice President of Customer Operations Program Management Office
Project Description: The insurance firm launched Claims Express, a rules-based system designed to increase the accuracy and expedite the processing of customer insurance claims. Integrating 16 applications, the system will provide a source model for future large-scale initiatives. [ Read the full CUNA Mutual finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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Nationwide Insurance www.nationwide.com
Using Virtualization to Control Server Sprawl
Project Lead: Scott Miggo, Vice President, NSC Technology Solutions
Project Description: To reduce expenditures in its growing datacenter, Nationwide Services consolidated its expansive Windows-based server environment onto 100-plus VMware ESX servers. With more than 500 virtual machines, 60 percent of which are production servers, Nationwide has reduced its physical server count drastically, saving money in hardware and operational costs in excess of $2 million. The project's 15:1 consolidation ratio and 60 to 70 percent utilization rate (up from 10 to 15 percent) have led to power, cooling, and space savings estimated at $2,250 per machine.

Univé Verzekeringen www.unive.nl
Reliable SOA for Customer Service Advantage
Project Lead: Bob Alberts, SOA Project Manager
Project Description: Univé -- a Dutch, not-for-profit, cooperative insurance company -- launched an SOA initiative to automate its back-office workflow and insurance-quotation applications. Tapping the .Net Framework, Univé has implemented 74 .Net Web services with 177 end points to date. The initiative also includes Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and AmberPoint SOA Management System. As a result of this project, 60 percent of all new insurance policies are now automatically registered to the organization's mainframe.

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BAT Belgium
Global Information Management
Project Lead: Koen Dehaen, Business Systems Manager
Project Description: Using software from Business Objects and Kalido, British American Tobacco Belgium created a unified BI platform in the wake of its 2005 merger with STC. Although previously sister companies, the two tobacco manufacturers used multiple custom-built data warehouses to monitor sales performance, pulling in data from differing sources to fuel significantly different SAP instances. The combined BI platform replaces the separate data warehouses with a single Kalido-based data warehouse, providing business executives with consistent, consolidated, up-to-date sales performance and market share data.

Del Monte Foods www.delmonte.com
Formula Lifecycle Management
Project Lead: Jonathan Wynn, Manager - Advanced Technology and Collaborative Services
Project Description: To better incorporate customer feedback and streamline the execution of change requests, Del Monte revamped its Pet Products formula change process, implementing SharePoint Server, InfoPath, and Excel 2007. The customized solution enables information sharing and document collaboration among Pet Products team members and provides a library for storing, organizing, managing, and archiving formulas and related change process documents.

Golder Associates www.golder.com
Global Collaboration Initiative
Project Lead: Joe Potegal, Senior Network Engineer
Project Description: Golder Associates launched a real-time collaboration initiative for more than 5,500 employees, centered on SharePoint and integrating document collaboration, Exchange, Veritas NetBackup, and AutoCAD. To keep the network from bogging down across its 150-plus offices, the group installed Riverbed WAN optimization technology. Future plans include the rollout of Microsoft Systems Management Server.

Johnson Controls www.johnsoncontrols.com
Network Consolidation Due to Acquisition
Project Lead: Steven Levanthal, Senior Network Monitoring Tools Engineer
Project Description: Johnson Controls IT migrated dozens of applications to its already large, complex MPLS WAN in the wake of the company's acquisition of York International. Tapping NetScout deep-packet analysis capabilities, the team identified and resolved poor performance due to TCP Window Sizing issues and overwhelmed switches, as well as file transfer issues and authentication problems, to ensure a smooth transition for the now 146,000-person company.

Kennametal www.kennametal.com
Kennametal IT Services Migration for "Yankee" Acquisition
Project Lead: Larry Clawson, Global Business Integration Manager
Project Description: Establishing a best-practices approach to future acquisition migration management, the Kennametal IT group completed a three-site migration -- including the installation of new hardware and software for security, asset management, and office productivity -- in less than 100 days.

Kennametal www.kennametal.com
Kennametal Industrial Products Group - Enterprise Integration
Project Lead: Thomas F. McKee, Jr., Director IT, Business Systems & Information
Project Description: This 12-month project to standardize and migrate the four legacy ERP systems of Kennametal's Industrial Products Group to the company's SAP global business and information management system included more than 320 users spread across 13 sites. The conversion is expected to save more than $1 million annually, as well as $7 million in inventory reduction in the first year.

Monsanto Co. www.monsanto.com
Improving Customer Order Accuracy and Predictability
Project Lead: Ann Ripp, IT U.S. Project Management Lead
Project Description: This agricultural product provider's Go-Ag supply-chain system is a homegrown service-oriented integration of several custom supply/demand applications and SAP R/3. Fine-tuned with custom Java code in areas where the XML mapping performance of webMethods Integration Server proved inefficient, the system aligns Monsanto's seed supply with proven grower demand by surfacing purchasing data six to nine months earlier than had the company's previous architecture.

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Alfred Wegener Institute & Center for Marine Environmental Sciences
www.awi.de/en/home; www.marum.de
Worldwide Geo-Scientific Research Data Sharing System
Project Lead: Dr. Hannes Grobe, Scientist
Project Description: Launched to provide the scientific community with a centralized repository of climatological and geological data, PANGAEA is a Web-based research portal, supported by Sybase as an RDBMS and analytics server on the back end. The repository catalogs 136 research projects with a total of 470,000 data sets, and 1.7 billion data points, making the 1.2TB of earth-systems data available to scientists through a general-purpose search engine that uses Google-like syntax. The system taps an inherent indexing architecture: Data is organized in columns rather than rows, allowing any field to serve as an index, thereby increasing search flexibility and query speeds.

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN CH) www.cern.ch
High-Throughput, Continuously Available Messaging
Project Lead: Peter Sollander, CERN Control Centre Technical Infrastructure Operations Manager
Project Description: To ensure continuous availability of more than 100 technical systems, CERN created the Technical Infrastructure Monitoring system, with two SonicMQ brokers forming its backbone. The asynchronous messaging system facilitates CERN's ability to collect, evaluate, store, and distribute data from approximately 25,000 individual measuring points, which combine to generate more than 1.3 million data points per day.

GeoEye www.geoeye.com
Next-Generation Platform for Geospatial Intelligence
Project Lead: Ray Helmering, Vice President of Product Engineering
Project Description: Set to launch in April 2008, GeoEye-1 is a next-generation high-resolution remote sensing satellite that will process in excess of 5TB of satellite imagery per day. To provide reliability and scalability, GeoEye deployed Appistry EAF to virtualize its applications across more than 50 Linux-based commodity machines. As a result, GeoEye was able to focus on honing its image processing algorithms, while the Appistry platform economically processed each image in the 6-minute window required by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and other customers.

Maui High Performance Computing Center www.mhpcc.hpc.mil
Ensure High Availability of Supercomputer Center
Project Lead: Carl Shelton, Facility Manager
Project Description: Migrating one of the world's fastest supercomputers to a new 8,000-square-foot datacenter required the creation of a dynamic power and cooling infrastructure capable of retaining high availability despite the high likelihood of environmental challenges such as earthquakes and tropical storms. The MHPCC partnered with Liebert to architect the system, which helps ensure 21 million hours of computing time annually to vital defense and scientific research.

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Atlanta Falcons
Socially Immersive Next-Generation Fan Site
Project Lead: Dan Levak, Director of New Media
Project Description: The AtlantaFalcons.com initiative was launched to provide Atlanta Falcons fans with an enriched Web experience. The project tapped Web 2.0 technologies to deliver multimedia content and social-networking capabilities to the Falcon fan base. Teaming up with Digitaria, the Falcons leveraged Sitecore's Web CMS with Castfire, to manage and distribute rich media assets, and The Port Network, to weave social computing into the site.

Cox Enterprises www.coxenterprises.com
Project Orion - Business Intelligence Application
Project Lead: Spencer Taft, Manager
Project Description: Project Orion automatically collects, standardizes, and stores bookings data from 80 radio stations in 17 markets. In addition to providing a central repository, the application enables executives to monitor and forecast performance of individual markets using a real-time dashboard and automated PDF reports.

Dolphin Stadium www.dolphinstadium.com
POS and Mesh Network for Stadium Services
Project Lead: Tery Howard, Vice President, Information Technology
Project Description: Home to the Florida Marlins, the Miami Dolphins, the FedEx Orange Bowl, the University of Miami football team in 2008, and the Super Bowl in 2010, Dolphin Stadium recently installed the world's largest wireless POS (point-of-sale) system under one roof and mobile broadband mesh network to increase the efficiency of its food vendor operations. The mesh network comprises 29 nodes from BelAir Networks, providing data, voice, and video services to more than 700 POS terminals, dozens of reporters, and hundreds of handset users.

Las Vegas Review-Journal www.reviewjournal.com
WAN Upgrade for VoIP and NAC
Project Lead: Steven Olson, Infrastructure Manager
Project Description: In preparation for companywide VoIP, LVRJ's IT department upgraded the company's WAN with a new MPLS network from AT&T, trialed Mitel VoIP handsets at five sites in Hawaii, replaced its network core with two redundantly configured 10Gbps-capable Foundry devices, and installed several ConSentry LANShield Switches to provide VoIP application protection and user-based access control. The project's ultimate goal is to deliver Gigabit Ethernet and Power over Ethernet to every desktop with a switch infrastructure that provides IT with tighter access controls over users.

Shopzilla www.shopzilla.com
Datacenter Consolidation
Project Lead: Burzin Engineer, Vice President of Technology
Project Description: To enhance the shopping experience of more than 20 million unique visitors per month and ensure system availability throughout peak holiday shopping times, Shopzilla revamped its infrastructure to alleviate cache overloads. Implementing a solid-state disk SAN from Texas Memory Systems and 22 OnStor Bobcat NAS gateways to front two datacenters, the company consolidated its back-end architecture into a unified system capable of quick horizontal scaling.

Smart & Final www.smartandfinal.com
BAM for Real-Time Retail Operational Visibility
Project Lead: Anna Papp, Portal, Integration and Reporting Project Manager
Project Description: To decrease supply-chain downtime and provide real-time operational visibility, the retailer launched an Enterprise Monitoring, Visualization, and Management initiative. Leveraging SL Corporation's Enterprise RTView, the solution monitors 17 databases (both Oracle and SQL Server), four applications, 18 production and 11 test servers, and more than 50 active process areas.

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Global Network Transformation Program to Enhance Employee Collaboration
Project Lead: Frank Redey, Partner
Project Description: The Network Transformation Program integrates IP telephony and data applications into one MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) network. When complete, the program will thread 14 technologies into one unified communications platform, providing Accenture's globally dispersed workforce with a wide range of collaboration tools, including telepresence, real-time document sharing, and PC-to-PC videoconferencing.

AT&T Services www.att.com
Virtual National Customer Service Center
Project Leads: Mark Cottrell, Executive Director; Richard Noponen, Executive Director; Denise Kelley-Jones, Senior Technical Director
Project Description: The telco created a single, nationwide virtual call center to load balance customer calls to nine physical call centers across the country, threading common IVR, agent desktop, workforce management, and trouble ticket and repair systems into myriad existing regional back-end systems to the tune of $88 million in anticipated savings. [ Readthe full AT&T Services finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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Automatic Data Processing www.adp.com
Metadata Client Directory
Project Lead: Ron McLeanas, Vice President of Messaging Services
Project Description: To better unify its client offerings, ADP created Service Directory, a repository for client information that is used to dynamically update changes across ADP services, including payroll, benefits, and HR. The repository was developed in-house on Oracle and includes a revamped UI design using Portlets within an existing ADP Portal framework. The system extends ADP's existing IBM Portal Server environment, IBM's Message Broker for orchestration, and J2EE for error and queue handling, and all operations were implemented using WSDL.

BT Group www.bt.com
Semantic Web, Open Source Business Intelligence Platform
Project Lead: Wen Xiao, Programme Director, Enterprise Information Platform
Project Description: Developed in-house, Project Sophia harnesses and extrapolates business intelligence from 7PB of data embedded in 2,700 legacy systems using Web 2.0, SaaS (software as a service), and Semantic Web technologies. The tool comprises four components: Semantic Dictionary, Profiling Tool, Metadata Repository, and Search Engine. The distributed nature of Sophia makes it not only scalable but also agile and can be extended beyond BT's enterprise to incorporate customer and supplier data.

Computer Sciences Corp. www.csc.com
Army Logistics Modernization Program
Project Lead: Sheri Thureen, Vice President, CSC Program Manager
Project Description: In collaboration with the U.S. government and SAP, Computer Sciences Corp. developed a Web-based ERP solution as part of the U.S. Army's Logistics Modernization Program. The fully integrated supply chain and MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) planning and execution system is built around SAP and is supplemented by components from Sun, Cisco, and HP. The LMP manages $4.5 billion in inventory, processes transactions from 50,000 vendors, and integrates with more than 80 DoD systems to deliver supplies from the factory to the front lines.

Electronic Data Systems www.eds.com
Phytosantiary Certificate Issuance and Tracking System
Project Lead: Bob Hersh, Program Manager
Project Description: In conjunction with the USDA and under the direction of Alison Young and Christian Dellis of USDA/APHIS/PPQ and the phytosanitary community at large, EDS developed the Phytosanitary Certification Issuance and Tracking system to help ensure adherence to plant and plant product exporting regulations worldwide. The PCIT system is a public-facing Web application that utilizes an N-tier architecture to expose Web services from behind a firewall. Approximately 2,000 county, state, and federal officials and 4,000 exporters currently use the system to create and track phytosanitary certificates. Since the program went live approximately one year ago, more than 90,000 certificates have been produced with a product value in the billion of dollars. PCIT replaced a manual process previously administered by several, disparate homegrown applications spread across numerous government offices.

GlobalLogic www.globallogic.com
Distributed Agile Development Platform
Project Lead: Manish Rathi, Senior Project Manager
Project Description: Seeking to establish an internal method and platform that could support agile software product development across multiple time zones and borders, GlobalLogic built the Velocity Engineering Platform. The open source development platform taps open integration protocols (XML/RPC, SOAP, RSS, and so on) and configuration mechanisms to facilitate, manage, and monitor product development at a global level. The core of Velocity is built on Atlassian's JiRA and includes technology from Subversion, Quickbuild, Fisheye, and Clover.

Infocrossing, a Wipro Company www.infocrossing.com
Datacenter Standardization
Project Lead: Dave Leonard, Chief Technology Officer
Project Description: Infocrossing standardized the operations of five datacenters, implementing a customized best-of-breed approach. The team integrated more than 20 individual tools into the company's proprietary management framework and has adopted a virtualized operations model, allowing workers at any of the geographically dispersed datacenters to service any machine.

Infosys Technologies www.infosys.com
IT Infrastructure Consolidation
Project Lead: Pritam Kumar Sinha, Senior Project Manager - IT
Project Description: Infosys undertook a comprehensive consolidation effort across its IT infrastructure to transform a cost center into a center of excellence. Leveraging best practices and the latest technologies, Infosys replaced numerous smaller servers with fewer high-capacity machines and direct-attached storage hardware with centralized storage, leveraging DNS round robin for load balancing and redundancy. The project also improved performance by optimizing existing infrastructure and by introducing new processes to cut backup windows significantly. The initiative resulted in $2 million in direct cost savings.

Mac-Gray www.macgray.com
Mobile Computing for Field Service
Project Lead: Mike Lento, Vice President of Corporate Operations
Project Description: The laundry facilities management company implemented TechLinx and CollectorLinx, mobile initiatives that increased productivity by eliminating manual service dispatch calls and route collection schedules, and reduced administrative burden for both mobile and office workers. The projects integrated Vettro 360 for Service & Repair, Solomon CRM, ESRI's ArcLogistics Route app, and TeleAtlas mapping data and were rolled out on Motorola iDEN 605 smartphones to 260 technicians and 100 collectors in 24 locations.

MyThings.com www.mythings.com
Image Search Software Recovers Stolen Valuables
Project Lead: Ken Bouche, Vice President of Trace
Project Description: To help protect people and businesses from unknowingly buying stolen goods, MyThings.com developed Trace, a cross-category database of stolen valuables. Based on an infrastructure that includes ASP.Net, Windows 2003, Internet Information Server, and SQL Server, MyThings.com allows individuals and officials to upload images of stolen items to Trace. The team also implemented visual search and recognition capabilities from LTU Technologies. Together, the database and visual search functionality enable collectors, auction houses, and other second-market dealers to verify whether a particular item has been reported stolen.

Sterling Testing Systems www.sterlingtesting.com
Role-Based SOA Platform/Fulfillment Automation Network
Project Lead: Michael Richardson, Chief Technology Officer
Project Description: The provider of employment and background screening services undertook the shift to SOA, threading BPM, ESB, and portal technologies to serve 100,000 users across multiple industries, each with its own hiring procedures and compliance regulations.[ Read the full Sterling finalist profile | See Top 10 Finalists slideshow ]

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Tata Consultancy Services www.tcs.com
Integrated Enterprise Portal and Enterprise Application Systems
Project Lead: Alok Kumar, Vice President & Global Head - Internal IT
Project Description: Project Ultimatix integrates 50 core applications to streamline operations and internal collaboration for more than 700 business processes. The result is a unified network and method for deploying all internal processes, including HR, finance, and project management. Based on the ERP suite, Ultimatix includes custom applications based on J2EE using rule engines, workflow services, and SOA. Systems are deployed on a virtualized server infrastructure.

USinternetworking www.usi.com
SOA-Based Provisioning and Compliance Initiative
Project Lead: Michael Rulf, Vice President of Advanced Engineering
Project Description: USi embarked on an SOA initiative to streamline its software infrastructure in an effort to enhance regulatory compliance, support greater reuse, and bolster its workflow capabilities. Implementing Oracle SOA Suite, USi integrated numerous applications, including Ariba, Oracle E-Business, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Oasis, and several customize in-house tools.

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America Online
Highly Available Storage Infrastructure
Project Lead: Dan Pollack, Operations Architect for the Storage Operations Group
Project Description: In an effort to support its Xdrive consumer digital storage service, AOL created a highly available storage infrastructure capable of scaling to tens of petabytes. The storage operations group built Digital Bulk Storage Modules, consisting of Intel-based servers running iBrix Fusion software and a number of low-cost disks, and clustered the modules to ensure nondisruptive scalability.

Avnet www.avnet.com
Mobile Productivity Enablement for Field Teams
Project Lead: Bob Pischke, Vice President
Project Description: Avnet launched a mobile initiative to provide field employees with direct access to corporate data in an effort to improve customer service. Integrating data from 20 systems, including mainframe apps such as ERP and CRM, as well as the company's security architecture, Avnet created a Java-based gateway app, tapping Vignette as a portal and Windows Mobile for its mobile devices. Secure access connects field staff to business process via a J2EE mobility server, which translates Raw XML from back-end systems into HTML, XML, or JSON as necessary.

EMC www.emc.com
Companywide Integration Initiative
Project Lead: Tony Pagliarulo, Vice President, IT Applications Development
Project Description: EMC's Synergy seeks to provide a unified customer and partner management platform in the wake of more than 20 acquisitions in the past three years. The initiative incorporates database management, CRM, BI, EAI, and SFA software to deliver a fully integrated, comprehensive customer service and sales environment across all divisions.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms www.gefanuc.com/support
Content Management Initiative
Project Lead: Sheila Kester, Vice President of Global Customer Care/Software Operations
Project Description: GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms revamped its Automation Support Web site, gutting the legacy back end and centering the new solution around InQuira. This vastly updated Web site features numerous self-service tools, including repositories for knowledge base, documentation, and downloads; online case management; user forums; and a natural language search engine with content ratings and product filters. This initiative has allowed GE Fanuc to improve customer satisfaction levels by providing the finest support experience in the factory automation industry.

Hewlett-Packard www.hp.com
RFID-Enabled Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Project Lead: Marcelo Pandini, Manager of RFID and Business Development, HP Printer Manufacturing, Brazil
Project Description: HP launched an RFID initiative at its Brazil manufacturing facilities to better manage its printers through the assembly, testing, and distribution processes. To code and update tags on printers, and to prevent operational errors, HP tapped OatSystems' tag@Source, Asset Tracking, and Work-in-Process RFID solutions, integrating these solutions with HP's existing ERP and PLC automation software. The system includes millions of items tagged and 100 RFID readers, and it has enabled HP to reduce inventory by 17 percent.

Microsoft www.microsoft.com
Windows Vista and Office Internal Deployment
Project Lead: Walter Puschner, Vice President, Worldwide Field IT
Project Description: Prior to the public release of its latest OS and Office software suite, Microsoft IT rolled out Windows Vista and Office 2007 to more than 100,000 desktops at more than 400 locations in more than 80 countries worldwide. The team established a collaborative deployment program to coordinate the activities of various teams working to implement the software. Phased deployment enabled Microsoft IT to gather, analyze, and share operational and internal end-user feedback with the Vista and Office development teams, thereby helping those teams prepare both products for commercial enterprise release.

Seagate www.seagate.com
Business Process Optimization Using Six Sigma
Project Leads: Earl Evens, Director of Business Excellence for Quality; Peter Gibson, Senior Staff Master Black Belt for Quality
Project Description: Seagate launched its Quality Process Mapping/Modeling Initiative to map projects and processes across suborganizations to objectively prioritize their value relative to quality as a whole. To identify new opportunities for performance improvement, the team implemented a Six Sigma and Lean enterprise modeling platform, centering on Metastorm ProVision. The project automated processes, removed redundancies, and eliminated archaic procedures, reducing product reliability reporting turnaround tenfold and cutting down defect rates on disk drive failure analysis submissions by 66 percent.

Sybase www.sybase.com
Global, Closed-Loop Marketing System
Project Lead: Jackie Kiley, Director, Corporate Marketing
Project Description: Sybase launched a closed-loop marketing system initiative in an effort to produced more accurately scored, quality sales leads. The project integrated Eloqua Conversion Suite, Salesforce.com, and the company's own Business Intelligence warehouse, Web interactions and portal, and privacy database. The system, for which new processes, business rules, and data flow were constructed, has been implemented to 65 users in 22 countries.

Toshiba America Electronic Components www.toshiba.com/taec
TAEC Business Intelligence System
Project Lead: Malcolm Wood, Director, Business Analysis, Strategic Planning
Project Description: Toshiba America Electronic Components initiated a strategic redesign of its entire BI system, partnering with industry leaders to develop an end-to-end solution. To achieve an integrated solution, Business Objects and Percentix, a Hyperion consulting firm, worked with IT teams from TAEC and Toshiba Semiconductor Japan to design a new reporting solution integrating Hyperion BPM tools with Business Objects enterprise reporting and performance management tools, incorporating data from Oracle 11i applications with other business data sources.

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BNSF Railway
Web-Based, Standardized Transportation Support System
Project Lead: Bonnie Henn-Pritchard, Assistant Vice President Technology Services
Project Description: Seeking to enhance its ability to track more than 6,000 locomotives, 220,000 freight cars, and 40,000 people across more than 50,000 miles of track, BNSF revamped its Transportation Support System, transforming the "green screen," text-command legacy app into the Web-based, user-friendly TSS Xpress. The new tracking system reduces more than 3,400 commands to fewer than 100 transportation-focused menu items and offers data filtering, sorting, and exporting tools.

DHL Express www.dhl.com
eMail Ship
Project Lead: Ashish Saxena, Head of Domain-Customer Access
Project Description: eMail Ship is an initiative geared toward extending DHL's online shipment processing capabilities to SMBs. The system enables SMBs to prepare waybills and other required paperwork offline in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet or PDF and submit them to DHL via e-mail. The system then converts form data to XML for upload to DHL's back-end systems and route a confirmation e-mail message with an air waybill number and the necessary declaration forms back to the customer upon validation.

Schneider National www.schneider.com
Dispatch Execution Planning & Optimization Tool
Project Lead: Chris Plate, Research Analyst
Project Description: To reduce the complexity of dray dispatching, Schneider National developed the Dispatch Execution Planning & Optimization Tool. The Java-based application provides the trucking company's dispatchers with extensive information regarding loads, drivers, and available empty boxes, and it recommends cost-effective, operationally feasible dispatch assignments. More intuitive to use than its predecessor, DEPOT has already saved the company more than $800,000.

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