2007 InfoWorld 100 Awards

This year's recipients of InfoWorld's highest honor are shining examples of IT projects undertaken by tech leaders committed to pushing their organizations forward

Distribution | Education | Financial Services | Government
Health Care / Pharmaceuticals / Donation Services | Hospitality
Insurance | Manufacturing / Engineering / Agriculture
Research & Development / Aerospace | Retail /Media / Sports
Services / Telecom | Technology | Transportation


FedEx Services
Launch Operation Business Application Monitor
Project Lead: Steve Kocher, Technical Principal
Project Description: RampView is a Java-based BAM (business activity monitoring) application that allows FedEx to monitor key aspects of its aircraft launch operation. Developed in-house and comprising a Java Swing client, JSP, J2EE, and JMS messaging, RampView captures and evaluates data from 26 FedEx operational apps, as well as from the FAA, to help keep more than 1,000 flights per day on schedule. The application includes an extensive event-processing engine to determine an event's effect on launch operations and to publish appropriate alerts when necessary.

Fleet Management www.fleetship.com
Online Crew Training at Sea
Project Lead: John Barcy, Group Head of Development
Project Description: Fleet Management rolled out a Web-based online training application for its pool of 6,000 seafarers, allowing them to continue their education whether on land or at sea. The application is written in Java Servlets and JSP, runs on Solaris, and taps Oracle as its database. To circumvent the lack of Web access on ships, the application runs on each ship's Linux-based intranet. One of the PCs on this intranet is equipped with software to allow zipped XML e-mails to be exchanged with the central on-land database via Inmarsat satellite link.

Team Transport www.teamtransport.net
Tracking and Efficiency Improvements
Project Lead: Jennifer Michna, Vice President of Finance
Project Description: Team Transport rolled out a mobile dispatch solution to its team of 60 truck drivers, who had previously been required to pick up paperwork for every job at the company's central location. The solution required Team Transport's IT team to integrate BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Actsoft's Comet Tracker GPS tracking tool, and Compcare dispatching software. Equipped with BlackBerry 7520 devices, drivers print paperwork using a Bluetooth printer and update tracking logs on the go.

Transplace www.transplace.com
Server Virtualization
Project Lead: Vince Biddlecombe, Chief Technology Officer
Project Description: In anticipation of significant operational growth, the transportation management services company launched a server virtualization initiative, rolling out VMware on Sun servers to support Oracle databases and J2EE applications on BEA's WebLogic Web server. Consolidating 120 server instances onto 30 machines, the company also beefed up its network I/O capabilities to stave off network traffic congestion, installing multiple NICs, and bulked up its SAN storage environment to provide sufficient fail-over capacity.

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