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San Francisco Chronicle:
XP hooked users, but now it gets the hook

Petitions are a time-honored political tool to save endangered species, preserve open space and agitate for change. Now Microsoft Corp. finds itself the target of a petition drive to save -- get this -- a PC operating system. ...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Windows XP begins its long goodbye

BARRING A LAST-MINUTE reprieve, Windows XP will start to fade away this week, when Microsoft stops selling the seven-year-old operating system to retailers and major PC makers. It's the moment Galen Gruman hoped wouldn't arrive. ...

Associated Press:
Microsoft to stop selling Windows XP on Monday

Microsoft Corp. is scheduled to stop selling its Windows XP operating system to retailers and major computer makers Monday, despite protests from a slice of PC users who don't want to be forced into using XP's successor, Vista. ...

Windows XPiration is at hand

Windows XP, R.I.P. -- at least for most buyers of new PCs. On Monday, Microsoft will stop selling copies of the operating system to retailers and computer manufacturers. ...

USA Today:
Vista struggles to bust out as business customers snub it

Will Weider is just the kind of customer Microsoft (MSFT) needs to keep its Windows computer operating system franchise growing. He oversees tech for a chain of Wisconsin hospitals -- 14,000 computers' worth. But Weider has no desire to upgrade to Vista, the latest version of Windows. "I wouldn't put on Vista if it was free," says Weider, chief information officer for Ministry Health Care. ...

echnology" target="_blank">New York Times:
Microsoft’s Vista problem

Microsoft keeps insisting that Windows Vista is a winner, but the questions keep mounting -- and Thursday’s quarterly report only added to the doubts. ...

Top Tech News:
Microsoft insists XP death date firm despite Ballmer

Despite CEO Steve Ballmer's comments, Microsoft has no plans to continue selling Windows XP after June 30, the company said Thursday. It added, "Our plan for Windows XP availability is unchanged. We're confident that's the right thing to do based on the feedback we've heard from our customers and partners." ...

Christan Science Monitor:
Windows Vista: The 'New Coke' of the PC age

It was supposed to be a great leap forward for computing. Windows Vista would dazzle users with its sleek interface, protect data with unparalleled security, and eclipse Windows XP as the worldwide standard in computer operating systems. But with each passing day, it looks more and more like Vista is the "New Coke" of the PC generation. The demand of XP users to keep using their trusty operating system continues to grow. ...

Associated Press:
Users fight to save Windows XP

Microsoft Corp.'s operating systems run most personal computers around the globe and are a cash cow for the world's largest software maker. But you'd never confuse a Windows user with the passionate fans of Mac OS X or even the free Linux operating system. Unless it's someone running Windows XP, a version Microsoft wants to retire. ...

Windows XP fans don't want it to XPire

A petition to “Save Windows XP” has drawn more than 111,000 supporters — and continued shots across the Microsoft XP vs. Vista bow, a battle that began with Vista’s release last year. ...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Microsoft extends life of XP -- at the low end

Microsoft Corp., trying to secure its place in an emerging area of the PC market, is extending the life of its Windows XP operating system -- but in a limited way that doesn't promise to satisfy people who still prefer XP over its successor, Windows Vista. ...

Should Microsoft throw away Vista?

Throw Vista away. That's what my colleagues at our fellow IDG publication InfoWorld have now argued that Microsoft should do. Give it a dignified resting place, as a stepping-stone OS, and come up with a replacement that's more sensible for enterprise IT. There is historical precedent in the consumer OS space for such a move; look at Windows ME and how it became a footnote in Microsoft history. ...

PCWorld.com users say: Save Windows XP!

Back on January 30th, I wrote about our sister site InfoWorld's SaveXP.com campaign, formed to give people who aren't happy about Microsoft's plans to discontinue most sales of Windows XP after June 30th. I also included a silly little survey about XP and Vista. Much to my surprise, more than 3500 folks took it. It wasn't the least bit scientific, but the results make for fascinating reading...and if you've already guessed that the sentiment ran strongly pro-XP and anti-Vista, you've got a good gut for this kind of stuff. ...

La Repubblica (in Italian):
Vista, online il primo Service pack Ma in migliaia dicono "Save XP" (Vista, the first online service pack, but thousands say "Save XP")

Ecco il primo Service pack per Vista. Presentato alla fine dello scorso gennaio, è arrivato sul mercato il pacchetto di aggiornamento del sistema operativo più controverso del colosso informatico. ...

New York Times:
They criticized Vista. And they should know.

One year after the birth of Windows Vista, why do so many Windows XP users still decline to “upgrade”? Microsoft says high prices have been the deterrent. Last month, the company trimmed prices on retail packages of Vista, trying to entice consumers to overcome their reluctance. In the United States, an XP user can now buy Vista Home Premium for $129.95, instead of $159.95. An alternative theory, however, is that Vista’s reputation precedes it. ...

San Francisco Chronicle:
Fans protest Microsoft's plan to dump XP

Goodbye, Windows XP. Microsoft, which released its latest operating system, Vista, last year, plans to stop selling Windows XP in stores and through its PC partners on June 30. It's a typical move in the high-tech industry, as older models make way for new ones. But in this case, the shift has been met with some grumbling, ...

Business Week Tech & You column:
Vista's Upgrade: Not Worth the Wait

There is a broad consensus among corporate technology managers—shared by many consumers—that new Microsoft (MSFT) products should never be installed until they have had their first major upgrade. Windows Vista, Microsoft's flagship operating system, is about to reach that happy landmark with an upgrade called Service Pack 1. But will it win the hearts of consumers, corporations, and computer manufacturers, who so far have largely snubbed Vista? I doubt it. ...

Wall Street Journal's Business Technology blog:
Techies to Microsoft: Save Windows XP

Microsoft plans to discontinue sales of its Windows XP operating system on June 30, meaning businesses that purchase a copy of Windows after that date will be forced to buy Vista, Microsoft's new operating system. That decision is proving unpopular with techies – so far, most businesses have resisted switching to Vista – and now one tech magazine is tapping into the discontent by launching a campaign to delay XP's execution. ...

Federal News Radio's Federal Drive show:
Campaign season
It might not be getting as much press as the presidential primaries, but there's a current campaign called Save Windows XP. InfoWorld Executive Editor Galen Gruman tells us more about it. ... FNR site

American Public Media's Future Tense show:
Magazine campaigns to save Windows XP
The not-so-beloved Windows Vista is set to be the only Windows option later this year when Microsoft retires Windows XP. InfoWorld, a publication aimed at technology professionals, has begun a campaign to persuade Microsoft to keep XP around. ... Future Tense site

ZDnet UK's Open Sauce Software blog:
Do we need a campaign to save XP?

I see that InfoWorld has started a campaign to save XP. I'm sure the Linux world will feel a little wry about that one. The XP-to-Vista transition is a pretty clear example of the way proprietary operating systems fail users. Everyone is happy with XP, says InfoWorld, and it's got plenty of life in it. ...

New York Times' Pogue's Posts blog:
The "Save XP" campaign

The blog reprints InfoWorld Executive Editor's note on the "Save XP" campaign and is followed by user comments on it.

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