SOA mistakes are being repeated in the clouds

Perhaps the same guys who screwed up your SOA are not the guys to tap for cloud computing

Yesterday IBM tossed more weight behind cloud computing, and other mega-players are doing the same thing. However, the quick movement to cloud computing could mean that many of the same mistakes the hurt SOA will be made in the clouds.

At the Open Group Conference last week, most agreed that most of the SOA architectural patterns and standards are transferable from SOA to cloud computing. This fact is not lost on the existing SOA vendors and big SOA consulting. Most are redefining their products and services to cloud computing these days, both to stay relevant and to capture an emerging market.

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The danger is that many of the same mistakes made by the same people will be repeated within cloud computing projects. The hype around cloud computing will make this more likely.

Just a few friendly words of advice:

First, cloud computing is simply a new way to do computing, based on a very old model. Thus, you lead with architecture, and your own needs, and then drive those into the "to be" solution, looking at cloud computing as a candidate technology approach.

Second, and most important, the guys who fell short in meeting your SOA expectations are not the guys to tap for cloud computing projects. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Finally, understand the links between cloud computing and SOA as you drive through your cloud projects. It will make things much easier.

I suspect that we're in danger of repeating some mistakes here, but a little education will go a long way.

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