Kindle 2.0 available February 24

Amazon has announced a faster, lighter Kindle, but the changes are mostly incremental.

As expected, Amazon has announced a new Kindle 2 today at a press event at the Morgan Library in New York. The Kindle 2.0 will be available February 24 and will sell for the same $359 price as previously. The Kindle has come a long way in the nearly two years it's been on the market with more than 230,000 books available in Kindle format, as well as dozens of magazines and hundreds of blogs. However, the Kindle 2.0 is more of an incremental improvement than a radical new device. Highlights include:

  • Better layout and design with a sleeker look
  • Slimmer, sturdier construction
  • Improved page display with 16 shades of gray
  • Page refresh is now 20 percent faster
  • Battery life now 25 percent longer
  • 2GB of built-in memory
  • Built-in pop-up dictionary
  • "Experimental" ability to read any book or document with built-in text-to-speech conversion

More Kindle 2 info is available on Amazon, as well as the New York Times and Engadget.

Update:Upon further investigation, the text-to-speech sounds a lot like "The Talking Moose goes to College." Check out the demo on YouTube.


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