Dell and HP workstation performance and power consumption

In the world of quad-core workstations, the high end truly reflects no compromises -- price included. These systems are so capable, many use cases will be perfectly satisfied with the high value low end.

  HP xw4600 HP xw6600 Dell Precision T5400 Dell Precision T7400
SPECviewperf 10 quad 47.00 50.01 53.35 94.45
Sandra XII ALU 37.3K Dhrystone MIPS 83.4K Dhrystone MIPS 83.2K Dhrystone MIPS 115.9K Dhrystone MIPS
Sandra XII Multimedia 144.0K fit 321.9K fit 320.9K fit 540.6K fit
Sandra XII Memory Latency 101 ns 108 ns 112 ns 94 ns
Sandra XII Memory Bandwidth 5.10 GB/sec 7.23 GB/sec 7.16 GB/sec 4.94 GB/sec
Sandra XII HDD Bandwidth 50.52 MB/sec 72.40 MB/sec 60.55 MB/sec 188.6 MB/sec
Sandra XII HDD Random Access Time 16 ms 15 ms 22 ms 6 ms
Power Consumption        
Power consumption at rest 88 W 190 W 189 W 237 W
Power consumption at 100% 144 W 296 W 288 W 409 W
Energy Star Power Consumption 52.2 W 105.4 W 102.6 W 146.7 W
Price as tested$2,056$5,049$5,087$7,897

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