Palm's new Nova OS slated for January

Can Jon Rubenstein's new Nova OS help resurrect a once great company?

When ex-Apple "podfather" Jon Rubenstein joined Palm last year, he focused on creating a new operating system, known as Nova, as well as a new family of smartphones. While Palm is enthusiastic about upcoming products slated for announcement in January, it's getting late in the game.

The Centro has been a success, selling more than 2 million units with a smaller form factor and a $99 price tag. But Palm has continued to lose share to Research in Motion's BlackBerry family of products and Apple's iPhone. And then there's Nokia with the Symbian OS, now open source, and HTC with the Android-based Google phones. So while Palm may have invented the smartphone market with the Treo, it has a lot of catching up to do.

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BusinessWeek reports on the story in "Palm Pins Its Hopes on Nova." The company has seen its sales and share price decline precipitously in the last year. So if the company is to remain independent, Palm needs to have some hit products on its hands -- soon.


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