Veeam releases its new VMware backup software

Veeam quickly pushes forward with the latest version of its backup software for VMware environments - Veeam Backup 2.0.

Veeam continues to release its virtualization software solutions at a rapid pace. This time, the company is announcing the release of Veeam Backup 2.0. The company first jumped into the backup market back in February of 2008, announcing their 1.0 product while at VMworld Europe 2008 in Cannes, France.

And the company is very proud of the rate of their development. "One of the things our customers appreciate about Veeam is our fast responsiveness to their requests," said Ratmir Timashev, Veeam president and CEO. "Our strategy is to create 1.0 products that offer basic functionality and provide a framework for innovation. Then we solicit customer feedback, and very quickly create strong 2.0 versions based on this feedback. This is how we quickly catch up to – and then surpass – older products on the market."

The company said their Veeam Backup 2.0 product is unique in the market because it offers both backup and replication for virtual environments in a single product, as well as what it dubs "the fastest file-level restore."

And with all of the latest buzz going on around the virtualization market about VMware ESXi, VMware's free embedded hypervisor technology, Veeam is also announcing limited support for ESXi with this new release. Since ESXi removed the long-time ESX companion Console, many have wondered and questioned what the ramifications of that action would be on something like backup. Veeam said that you can backup ESXi servers using the VCB option in the backup wizard. File-level recovery is fully supported for guests running on ESXi, while full image restore is only supported to ESX 3.x servers. Once the guest has been restored to an ESX 3.x server, you can then VMotion the restored machine back to the ESXi server. Replication is also supported with ESXi as a source and ESX 3.x as a target.

Version 2.0 has also added a new optimized backup engine that allows for up to five times faster backup and replication performance than its previous version. In addition, it has added numerous other new features such as:

  • Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) support – Veeam Backup 2.0 leverages VSS to ensure consistent backup and recovery of VSS-aware applications, including Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Backup portability – Veeam Backup users can now easily import backups made using previous versions of the software, or backups that have been archived to tape.

  • Support for third-party tape backup systems - Now users can specify a script to automatically run when the VMware backup is finished, initiating tape backups to begin.

You can download a trial version of the software, or, you can also view a pre-recorded video demo of the product.