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IBM scoops up Candle, Google offers e-mail

IBM scoops up Candle

Big Blue last week acquired longtime business partner Candle for an undisclosed amount. IBM hopes Candle’s systems management and monitoring capabilities for both mainframes and distributed platforms, including Windows and Linux, can strengthen IBM’s On Demand computing efforts.

Google launches 1GB e-mail service

Google plans to use its search technology and a large amount of data storage to launch a free e-mail service that allows customers to keep about 1GB of messages. The service, called Gmail, will allow each user to hold on to about 500,000 pages of e-mail and to search through those messages using the Google search interface. Users will also be able to organize their messages in threads that group a message together with replies.

IBM lifts hood on Power chip

IBM is moving to open up its Power microprocessor architecture in hopes of improving integration with devices and systems. The company last week announced new licensing and manufacturing options, as well as plans to build a community of development partners around its Power architecture. Sony has licensed the Power technology for use in future consumer electronics and will work with IBM to customize the chips. IBM believes future chip improvements will come from better integration between chips and systems. 

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