CES debuts smartphone projectors

Introduced at CES, the new Logic Wireless handset doubles as a projector

The Palm Pre certainly made a splash at CES -- but what about the rest of the show? While we were Pre-occupied, several other handset announcements caused a stir. One of the more noteworthy: Logic Wireless's Logic Bolt, which features a built-in projector. Cramming a projector into a smartphone isn't a new idea (Engadget reported on the possibility back in 2007); it just took someone crazy enough to do it. As it turned out, the Bolt barely beat the Samsung Show to the punch, which was announced a few days later (although it won't be for sale in the United States for some time).

Gizmodo is reporting that the Logic Bolt's projector can run video for about two hours before it runs out of juice -- although you can double that if you swap in the bundled second battery. The projection display size runs 36 to 64 inches using content either on the phone or from VGA input via the bundled adapter. The phone specs: 320-by-240 touchscreen, Bluetooth, quad-band GSM, 4GB of storage with microSD expansion, and a 3-megapixel camera. According to Gizmodo, a Windows Mobile version of the Logic Bolt will be available in four months.

That of course would be up to Microsoft, which, as the The New York Times recently reported, will be putting WiMo on fewer devices in the coming years.

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