New iPhone app fills in some gaps

Good news for iPhone owners: With Soonr, the silver lining is in the cloud.

A new app that debuted Monday may be the solution for iPhone users who are disappointed with the iPhone's inability to handle the business end of documents. Soonr, as the app is called in the United States, has been available in Denmark for some time under the name Sky Files, and four days after its release it is already in the top 10 list of free iPhone productivity apps.

Soonr allows iPhone users to store up to 500MB (and 30 file types) in the cloud. It's ridiculously easy to use and intuitively organized. Users have the ability to access files via iPhone or desktop, while Soonr keeps track of any changes made (with document version control) and backs up all synced files as changes are being made to them. Users set up an account via the iPhone, then download the desktop application and sync the files they wish to have access to. Other Soonr users can view the files and comment on them, although there is no ability to edit them yet.

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Presentations, spreadsheets, and text files are all made easily accessible, and the Dashboard screen allows you an easy view of what changes and shares have been made. The thumbnails of PowerPoint presentations allow you to pick and chose which pages you wish to view -- and because Soonr requests only the data it needs from the cloud, it's pretty snappy.

In addition to letting users create workgroups and share files or presentations, Soonr also gives you the ability to share printers. You can send a file to a partner's printer or to your own (as long as they're networked and have Wi-Fi capabilities). We're told that Soonr would like to extend to editing documents -- and make the app available to other handsets. With the capabilities it already has, though, this app is going to take off fast.

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