Quick update on the Terry Childs case

The next hearing is delayed for another two weeks

Last Friday, Terry Childs returned to court for a hearing. The hearing was postponed for two weeks. This is the second time this particular hearing has been postponed.

The hearing itself was for the court to consider what is essentially a defense motion for dismissal, with the defense claiming that the counts against Childs are without legal backing and thus not worthy of a trial.

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The judge, who has not heard this case before, granted the prosecution's request for a two-week postponement in early February and then decided to postpone the hearing himself for another two weeks.

Scuttlebutt has it that the new judge has said that he needed the time to read the transcripts. It is thought that the extremely technical nature of the case is leading to these delays.

In any event, Childs will return to court within two weeks.


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