Aon's CTO remakes IT globally, after two predecessors failed

2009 InfoWorld CTO 25 Awards: Adam Stanley

2009 InfoWorld CTO 25 Awards

Adam Stanley
Global CTO


Adam Stanley took a big risk when he accepted the new position of global CTO for the risk management firm Aon in January 2008. The global company had a mishmash of systems across its 500 offices in 120 countries, and two CIOs in a row had failed in bringing them all together into a single system. Stanley was now following in their footsteps.

Stanley felt confident he could succeed where the others failed by relying on his experience at ABN AMRO/LaSalle Bank, where he ran technology services for North America, and previous positions in which he managed large vendors and managed service delivery, infrastructure, strategic outsourcing (both application and infrastructure functions), portfolio, and enterprise architecture.

Stanley didn't start with the technology; he started by working with the senior executives to shape a vision of what they wanted. Then, armed with their buy-in, he began reshaping the technology operations, choosing his own team from both inside and outside the company to run the new global operations that would be responsible for the infrastructure, middleware, and core utility technology used by all offices.

With the new team, he developed the technology strategy and execution plan, then put in a series of metrics to ensure the efforts remained on track. These also helped him keep the business executives apprised of the progress in the concrete ways they wanted given the previous failures.

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