The best CTOs of 2009

InfoWorld selects 25 IT leaders who've used tech smarts, wise management, and hard work to give their businesses a real boost. Learn from the best.

It's not easy being a CTO. In a product company, you have to figure out how to raise the bar -- and then deliver a hit product. In other companies, you have to provide the systems that let the business run smarter, faster, bigger, or all three. And your resources are under pressure, from legacy thinking to smaller budgets, from disjoint divisions to unexpected industry shifts.

The InfoWorld CTO 25 awards honor those who triumph over significant challenges, using IT as their main vehicle to get results. The best CTOs use their technology savvy, management skills, and often force of will to achieve the right results. Almost always, all three attributes are needed. This year's crop of InfoWorld CTO 25 winners is no different in that regard from past winners, even if their specific challenges varied.

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As you see how the InfoWorld CTO winners of 2009 met their individual challenges, we hope you'll uncover a few approaches or techniques you can use to meet your own.

The 2009 InfoWorld CTO 25 Award winners are:

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