Leading and managing in Silicon Valley

Management and leadership tips from SugarCRM co-founder Jacob Taylor and other Silicon Valley heavyweights

A new book crossed my desk recently co-authored by SugarCRM co-founder and former CTO Jacob Taylor. The book is titled "Leading and Managing in Silicon Valley." At 450 pages, it's a heavyweight hardcover book, and it sells for $49. (There's also a version for the Kindle that costs only $20.)

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Despite the serious-sounding title and breadth of topics, it is a very approachable book. Most chapters are 5 to 10 pages in length, and you can just zoom in and read what you need to know at any given time rather than from start to finish. The idea is that the book is intended to provide a road map for an engineer or engineering manager who wants to progress in their career to a CTO or a VP of engineering role. There are sections of the book focused on product definition, project management, managing people, working with executive staff, and practical matters like budgeting and IP issues.

For many engineering managers, this is resource that will be on their desk and referred to whenever they are trying to expand their career. In short, it's what the authors wished they'd know earlier in their careers, and they are handing down this information to make it easier for the next generation, which I think is pretty admirable. Despite the hefty price tag, the authors aren't hoping to get rich off this book: They're donating the money to charity.


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