New storage engines and appliances at MySQL Conference

Lots of interesting announcements and product launches at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara next week

A couple of years back, MySQL embarked upon a strategy to be more open and encourage third-party companies to create their own pluggable storage engines.  The strategy was partly a response to Oracle's acquisition of InnoDB, which was at the time the leading transactional storage engine.  Since then, we've seen new storage engines announced and released every year, typically at the April MySQL Users Conference.

This year it looks like there will be even more announcements of new storage engines, new MySQL and MemCacheD appliances that help improve scalability and performance. Here's a quick rundown:

And no doubt there will be announcements from InnoBase, MySQL, and others pushing the envelope of performance and scalability with MySQL. The good news is users continue to benefit from the availability of specialized engines and the competition helps everyone improve.  If you're using MySQL and in the Bay Area, you should defnitely attend the MySQL Conference & Expo April 20-23 in Santa Clara, Calif.

Update: Fixed an incorrect link in the story for Gear6.

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