Boomi touts cloud integration service

The application integration provider is aiming the newest version of its AtomSphere platform at enterprises

Hoping to move up the enterprise ladder, SaaS-style application integration provider Boomi detailed on Tuesday a new version of its service, replete with features targeted specifically at large enterprises.

"We have built a cloud-based platform that integrates any SaaS or on-premise applications. There's no software to install, no appliance," explained Boomi CEO Bob Moul.

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Boomi added the Professional and Enterprise Editions to its existing Base Edition of AtomSphere, a platform that enables IT shops to integrate SaaS or cloud-based applications into their infrastructures. The new versions bring what Boomi calls "Molecules," or enterprise-grade editions of Boomi Atoms, which are runtime engines capable of enterprise-class functions, such as scalability, high-availability, fault-tolerance, and load-balancing, Moul said.

Change management is another new function. As such, AtomSphere supports development lifecycle processes, namely testing and productions, promotion between environments, revision histories, audit trail, and rollbacks, the company said.

The final new pieces for enterprise customers are tools for centralized management, single sign-on, monitoring, and multi-site integration.

"In the old world, companies would have had to install integration at each site," said Boomi CTO Rick Nucci. "Now, because we have all the integration in our cloud, these Molecules can back each other up even if they live in datacenters on the West coast and East coast."

Dennis Callaghan, an analyst at The 451 Group, points out that "any time a company outsources to a SaaS provider, it needs some sort of integration."

Even the SaaS providers already use these types of services, Callaghan continued, be that from Boomi, Cast Iron, Informatica, iWay, or Pervasive.

"Customers otherwise have to build connectors to specific apps themselves," Callaghan said. "So this is a fairly compelling offering."

Boomi lately has been picking up some enterprise steam and now counts Siemens, BB&T, and BNP Paribas among its subscribers.

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