This HP customer remains a staunch supporter

After all the hoopla over HP's hinge recall, one reader offers the company kudos

HP has been taking a lot of heat lately here at the Gripe Line over the hinge recall incident, and the deadline for responding to it that left some people with defective machines out in the cold.

But not everyone wants to jump on the angry bandwagon. In fact, Gary wanted people to know that he has gotten excellent service from HP over the years and remains the company's staunch supporter. "Between my wife and I," he writes, "we own two HP desktops and two HP laptops."

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While his laptop was in the last week of its one-year limited warranty, he writes, he started having trouble with it. "I worked with a support representative with the online chat feature," he says, "because I have trouble hearing on the phone." The technician asked him to send the laptop in for repair, which he did. "I had my repaired laptop back nine days after I'd shipped it," he reports. "Not only was it working again but the repair slip indicated that the motherboard, the screen, and another component (I can't recall what that was) had been replaced. A year and a half later, it is working fine."

Six months after, Gary and his wife purchased a desktop for her, and that machine failed to boot one morning. "Again I used chat support," he says. "And again I was told to ship it back for repair. This time, we received her repaired computer back in just six days -- with a new motherboard.  We were able to track it online and saw that it was received, repaired, and shipped back to us all on the same day."

Gary's experience seems to reflect that of many of HP's consumer customers, at least according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The ASCI released results for 2009 last week. In that tally, Compaq made a 4-point jump over last year and the HP brand climbed 1 percent in satisfied customers.

"The climb in the industry is largely a result of improvements among Windows-based machines," reads the ACSI release. "Dell is unchanged at 75, while Gateway (Acer) rises 3 percent to 74. The two brands of Hewlett-Packard also improve. HP inches up 1 percent to 74, while Compaq jumps 6 percent to create a three-way tie with HP and Gateway."

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