PragmaticWorks has some of the best BI training available

It's affordable and timely, and you never have to leave the house

I just sat in on an online SSIS course by PragmaticWorks. It was an open format, so we could ask questions and go down any path we wanted with the discussions. Since the course is offered by a BI vendor, you’d think the entire class was spent plugging the company's products, but that’s not the case. The instructor discussed other third-party solutions just as much as his own. It was a four-day course lasting three hours every day.

Though I’ve been using SSIS since it was in beta, I still learned a thing or two. It’s probably the best course I’ve taken in a long time, and though it covered the basics, it progressed quickly, with nightly exercises, and it didn't stick with fundamentals. The exercises encourage you to think on your own and incorporate some of the more advanced functionality. You won’t learn everything there is to know about SSIS because that’s impossible, but if you soak up the lessons and apply them to the real world, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be well-versed in SSIS by the end of the week.

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There’s no longer any reason to not know SSIS with training like this available. It’s affordable and convenient, and you can reference it later because the lessons are recorded and available for free download.

If you want excellent BI training, they also have SSRS and SSAS courses, which I hope to be attending soon. Since it’s online, you don’t have to worry about leaving home or work. It’s the best of both worlds.

I highly suggest you think of PragmaticWorks planning your BI training.

On a similar note, you’ll remember a while back I taught a Webcast on PowerShell for DBAs for O’Reilly. The recording is finally available.

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