Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Perfection, refined

Numerous usability enhancements and important reengineering under the hood make Snow Leopard a worthy update to the king of operating systems

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That's precisely what Apple does. You can now drag a text selection cursor through a complex PDF layout and have it track the flow of text within frames and columns, around objects, and across pages. Many's the time I've had to print a PDF and run it through OCR to suck the text into an editor. That's no longer necessary.

Alas, copying text from PDFs doesn't always work perfectly. My attempts to lift text from Apple's Reviewer's Guide only pasted blanks even when text-only paste was selected. You often need to insert paragraph breaks and line endings by hand, but that's easier than retyping.

And that's not all...
There is more to Snow Leopard's user-facing enhancements than I've described here, but I've hit the highest of the highlights. Snow Leopard also features some important internal technology enhancements that will improve performance and multicore support, though their impact won't really be felt until application developers begin to support them. For a look at Grand Central Dispatch, 64-bit support, and OpenCL, see "Inside Snow Leopard's under-the-hood additions."

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