PHD Virtual updates esXpress to support VMware vSphere

VMware VI3 and vSphere users get enhanced backup and recovery benefits from esXpress 3.6.

It was just two months ago when PHD Virtual Technologies last updated their flagship esXpress data protection and recovery solution. Now, the company is ready to announce another quick update to the product, which extends support to VMware's latest server virtualization solution, vSphere 4.

Dave Bartoletti, a senior analyst and consultant at Taneja Group, described PHD Virtual's esXpress as "the first solution to truly take advantage of virtualization by intelligently using the virtual machine to back itself up." esXpress performs backups and restores using the virtual environment by creating what the company calls "virtual backup appliances" (VBAs). These VBAs are small virtual machines that can be quickly deployed to do their job within minutes by performing block-level backups that are de-duplicated sourceside, which helps keep network traffic down to a minimum.

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The new release of esXpress 3.6 didn't just stop at adding vSphere 4 support to the product. It also included numerous enhancements for all versions of VMware ESX -- from Version 3.0.2 and up. Doing so keeps the company's backup and recovery solution current with the latest technology, but also allows it to stay relevant with the larger portion of VMware's existing customer base, which still seems to be running various versions of VI3.

New performance enhancements to the product include:

  • Improved file-level restore speeds that are up to four times faster
  • Data Restoration and Archival via Windows' Shares are now up to four times faster
  • Improved PHDD deduplication image-level restore speeds are up to twice as fast
  • The accelerated deduplication engine provides initial backups that are seeded at double the previous rates

esXpress 3.6 is available now, and pricing starts at $1,000 per host with an unlimited number of sockets.