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Question 1: What has taken some of the shine off Google's Chrome?

10 points

d. Overly presumptuous EULA

Within a day of Chrome's release a backlash formed against its EULA, which appears to grant Google rights to any content posted using the browser (like blog entries or e-mail). In response to the uproar, Google said it would amend the objectionable language in the browser's license. Because they would never do evil. Right? 

Question 2: How much can you download before you exceed Comcast's limit?

10 points

c. 250GB

Starting Oct. 1, formerly "unlimited" Comcast accounts will top out at 250GB, which works out to about 125,000 viewings of the Wii Fit Girl video (in other words, not enough). Those who exceed the cap may receive a stern talking to and, if they do it again within six months, a year-long suspension. So Comcast plans to reward its best customers by cutting them off. Is that called a bandwidth cap or a dunce cap?

Question 3: Who (or what) was singing Steve Jobs' praises?

10 points

d. obituary

Last week, the news site mistakenly ran a 17-page obit for the decidedly undeceased Jobs, then retracted it almost immediately after realizing its mistake. Apple declined to comment, restating its policy to never pre-announce the demise of its CEO.

Question 4: What will Apple probably unveil on Sept. 9?

10 points

a. A new line of video iPods

Based on the invitation's "Let's Rock" text, the inevitable dancing silhouette, and the Internet rumors already swirling about new Nanos, that's a safe bet. But you know Le Jobs always has some surprise hidden in the sleeves of his black turtleneck -- despite what thinks.

Question 5: Who didn't get to build his own Spore creature?

10 points

d. Robin Williams

The long-awaited game, which has been in development almost as long as the human race, is slated for release next week. EA is holding a contest on its SporeVote site for the best beastie; competitors also include Net notables like Michael Arrington, Craig Newmark, and Robert Scoble. How do you tell the geeks and celebs apart? The geeks are the ones whose creatures look better than they do.

Question 6: What is alleged name of Microsoft's rumored mobile apps store?

10 points

b. SkyMarket

Reports are based on a job listing that lived for one day on before being pulled. Microsoft won't comment on the matter. So if you're planning to submit your résumé, better do it fast.

Question 7: What fledging social net just got whacked by Yahoo?

10 points

b. Mash

Launched almost exactly a year ago, Mash will die a quiet death at the end of this month, accompanied by the sound of crickets. But hey, we'll always have Yahoo 360.

Question 8: How much will you have to fork out for a basic Xbox 360?

10 points

c. $199

Which now makes it the cheapest of the big three game systems, ahead of Sony's PS3 ($400) and Nintendo's Wii ($250). No matter; the Wii is still whipping both their heinies, selling more units in July than the two others combined. According to The NPD Group, Microsoft lags in third place in the console race, a position that's getting uncomfortably familiar to the Windows behemoth.

Question 9: What online MP3 store shares the wealth with music buyers?

10 points

a. Popcuts

Buy a 99-cent MP3 from Popcuts and you'll get credit for more purchases whenever anyone else buys the same tune, giving you an incentive to promote the song to other listeners. Eventually Popcuts hopes to share actual money with its customers. At press time, the service only featured about 700 songs from 200 artists. Check it out now, before the RIAA figures out a way to shut it down.

Question 10: What's Facebook gift revenue times Chrome market share divided by 3G law suits?

10 points

c. 175,000

Facebook will net $35 million this year from selling virtual cupcakes and other $1 icons, estimates venture capitalist Jeremy Liew, who adds that his ballpark estimate might be off by 25 percent. According to both Net Applications and StatCounter, Chrome captured 1 percent of the browser market in its first full day on the job -- passing both Opera and the ghost of Netscape. There are now two aggrieved parties suing Apple and AT&T for 3G performance that is slow or nonexistent. So (35M * .01)/2 = 175,000. So do you think you surpassed your limits? If not, try again next week when we post another brain-bending quiz.

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