Microsoft Office 2010 Visual Studio debacle

Visual Studio stopped working in Office 2010, so Sean McCown switched back to Office 2007

Yesterday, I installed the Office 2010 technology preview. The install went great, with no problems whatsoever.

However, within an hour I uninstalled it and put Office 2007 back on.

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Why? Because Visual Studio stopped working.

I'm using Visual Studio 2008 on my Windows 7 box, and when I installed Office 2010, I lost the ability to edit my code files.

I was working on a Web project, trying to add a simple HTML tag to one of my pages. When I opened the page, I could do anything I needed, but when I went to edit it, Visual Studio didn't do anything at all. It didn't freeze up the box, or gray out and say "not responding." It just didn't do anything. And I got that illegal action beep whenever I tried to click inside Visual Studio. But I couldn't shut it down or close that page -- nothing. I had to close it through Task Manager.

This experience was the same for all projects. If I created a new project, I could make and edit a new page. But as soon as I closed that project and went back in, I had the same problem.

I switched back to Office 2007 and things went back to normal.

This was my first experience with Office 2010, and it looks like it'll be a while before I try it out again.


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