Microsoft may be taking security too seriously

What is Microsoft thinking when it deployd guards to interrupt a SQL Server presentation?

Last night I was giving a presentation to our local SQL Server user group at Microsoft in Irving, Texas. A few minutes into my presentation, a security guard bursts in, comes up right beside me, and shouts to the entire room, "Does anybody here work for Microsoft?"

He shouted it again. Someone said, Yeah, I work for Microsoft, and he held up his badge. The guard went over to him and took him out of the room. Then a couple more of the user group board members left.

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The point here really is that Microsoft needs to put the guards through some kind of business training. Is it acceptable to burst in on a presentation and shout across the entire room?

Not to mention that we've held our user group meetings there for years, yet we don't get more consideration. We're businesspeople, not thugs. And as businesspeople, we expect to be engaged as such.

It pissed me off to be shouted over so abruptly and that Microsoft doesn't train its security crew on how to address businesspeople in the building. It's kinda like when the Rolling Stones had the Hells Angels as their bodyguards. Simple, well-meaning fans were beat up, noses broken, and so on just because they wanted a brief interaction with the band. You can't do that kinda crap.

And Oprah.


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