New and updated online development workspaces

Elementool upgrades Issue Tracking to use Ajax; ActiveState intros Workspace

Back in April, I wondered aloud whether online development workspaces make sense, and discussed four of them: Assembla, Elementool, RallyDev, and ProjectLocker. Since then, a new online development workspace and hosted project management system has gone into beta: ActiveState Workspace.

Currently free, Workspace is based on the open source Trac project. It includes Subversion repositories, issue tracking, wikis, blogs, forums, and both agile and waterfall development.

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Meanwhile, the other entries in this space have not been standing still. Elementool, for instance, has just released Issue Tracking version 6.1, which adds a drag-and-drop interface implemented with AJAX (specifically ASP.Net AJAX) and integrates Issue Tracking with Test Case Management.

The screenshots below illustrate the a drag-and-drop interface and the Test Case integration. (Click on the figures to see them full size.)

DragNDrop sm.png
Integration sm.png

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