Online calculator helps you choose the best smartphone

Tool lets you enter your own priorities to see which device is best for you: iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, or Palm Pre

As the number of truly smart smartphones continues to grow, choosing the right device for your personal or business use is increasingly difficult. It's no longer a clear choice between Apple's consumer-oriented iPhone and Research in Motion's enterprise-oriented BlackBerry.

To help users choose the right smartphone for them, has made available as a free online tool the InfoWorld Mobile Deathmatch Calculator in which users can indicate how important seven basic sets of criteria are to them and get a personal score for each device based on those individual settings. There's also a quick menu that lets you choose from four predefined usage types -- personal, small business, midsize to large business, and highly regulated business -- to get a custom score quickly.

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The InfoWorld Mobile Deathmatch Calculator -- named after InfoWorld's series of head-to-head, in-depth reviews of the major mobile devices -- covers the Apple iPhone 3G S, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, RIM BlackBerry Bold, and RIM BlackBerry Storm 2.

The smartphone calculator also includes a table that shows the differences among the six devices in key feature categories. In addition, InfoWorld offers a no-cost online tool to find iPhone apps suited for professional and business users.

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