Google gains ground in search wars as Microsoft’s Bing slips

Bing had its first slide in September, since entering the market, but Hitwise report shows had biggest gain in search engine share

As the search wars continue, new numbers are in showing that Microsoft's Bing slipped while Google inched further ahead last month.

Google's search accounted for 71.08 percent of all U.S. searches conducted between September and October, said the Internet monitoring firm Hitwise. That's a 1 percent market share increase for Google, Hitwise reported late on Tuesday.

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Google's latest search rival, Microsoft Bing, didn't have as good a month, though. Unveiled in June , Bing slipped 5 percent, going from 9.48 percent in September to 8.96 percent of the market early in October. Holding in second place, Yahoo Search dropped 3 percent, going from 16.96 percent to 16.38 percent.

Fourth-place , which hasn't shown up in much, if any, of the rivalry hoopla, showed the biggest increase. rose from 2.37 percent to 2.56 percent, an 8 percent increase in share.

Hitwise's latest numbers are the second set of figures from an analyst firm noting that Bing took its first slip in September.

Last week, Web metrics firm Net Applications reported that Bing had its first slide in September, since entering the market. Net Applications said Bing's share of the global search engine market slipped from 3.52 percent in August to 3.39 percent in September. But it also showed Google dipping slightly between August and September, from 83.33 percent to 83.13 percent.

Both Hitwise and Net Applications show a slow in what had been Bing's growing momentum. A few weeks ago, comScore Inc. said it had found that Bing increased its share between July and August from 4.5 percent to 9.3 percent.

The Nielsen Co. also said last month that it found Bing's share grew by 22.1 percent between July and August .

Analysts have said such back and forth in momentum is typical of a big market battle between big companies.

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