Best budget all-in-one PCs (20 inches or smaller)

If you’re willing to accept a display of 20 inches or smaller, you can pick up a good all-in-one for a little over $500

The very best all-in-one PCs sport fast quad-core processors, large and beautiful displays, gaming-class graphics, and even touch screens, Blu-ray drives, and HDTV tuners with remote controls. On the downside, they can easily set you back $1,000 or $2,000 or more. (See "Best Big Screen All-in-One PCs.")

If you're willing to sacrifice CPU and graphics horsepower, screen real estate, multi-touch functionality, and other fancy features, you can pay hundreds or thousands less. However, some wallet-friendly all-in-ones make a few too many compromises. We find the MSI Wind Top AE2010 and the HP Pavilion MS214 to be the best of the bargain all-in-one class.

ASUS Eee Top ET2002 All-in-One PC

HP Pavilion MS214 All-in-One PC

Lenovo C300 All-in-One PC

MSI Wind Top AE2010 All-in-One PC

Shuttle X50 (AIO)

ViewSonic VPC100 All-in-One PC

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