The last-minute Xmas wish list 2009

Here are some cool gifts for that special DBA in your life

It's time again to start thinking about that techie in your life. This year I have some cool, fun gadgets for your list.

For starters, I have two printers: the Epson Workforce 310, and the HP Photosmart. These are both good printers, but they're aimed at completely different markets. The Epson is an all-in-one with networking capabilities, while the Photosmart is a simple desktop printer.

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If your techie is into screencasting or public speaking, you won't go wrong getting him or her the Blue Mic, a nice little item.

I have the latest Bluetooth headsets again, such as the Blueant Q1 and the newest Jawbone Prime. They both have their strong points, and I can't say that there's a clear winner. I honestly like different parts about both.

One of my favorite gadgets this year is the new Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000. While I've become really used to the backlit 8000 version, this is by far my second-favorite keyboard, and it has its perks.

Anyone with kids knows how important it is to be able to keep an eye on them while they're outside or even just playing together in another room. Logitech offers some security cameras that are perfect for the job. I've used these cameras to monitor my kids so that they can play in the front yard without my having to be there and so that I can make sure they're not fighting in the game room. These cameras also include have some honest security features..

Getting back to Microsoft, the company has a great new Webcam. It records in HD, which is fabulous, but you'll need to read the review to find out why I actually like last year's model better.

There's also a nice little netbook from HP, the Mini 5101 FN956UT. I'm not the one who reviewed it, but you can read all about it.

Since this is a database admin blog, I have two gifts for your database admin. The best SQL Server book to come out this year is called "SQL Server MVP Deep Dives." It's put together by many MVPs and all the profits go to the War Child charity. Also, how about a gift that keeps on giving? has excellent training for around $60 a year.

Now we're getting to the really fun stuff: the AquaPod bottle rocket launcher. I love this thing, and my boys can't get enough.

The new Casio Exilim is next, though there are some things I like better about last year's model. Nonetheless, it's a good, sturdy camera.

I also have a really sweet universal remote from Logitech, the Harmony 900. I love this remote.

The last item this year is the LiveScribe. To my surprise, this turned out to be a cool device. I'm more than a little impressed with what it can do.

OK, that's it for this year. I hope you have an excellent x-mas and give your techies something cool.

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