Tales from the IT trenches

Readers share their IT ups and downs in InfoWorld's Off the Record blog

"Got amazing or amusing IT tales, lessons learned the hard way, or war stories from the trenches?"

These are the questions we ask to get InfoWorld readers thinking about their personal adventures in IT. We then publish those stories in our Off the Record blog, keeping the writer anonymous. In the Comments section, readers react to the "been there, done that" aspect of the stories, and often weigh in with further insights.

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In November, the collection included a story of a problem Windows server migration that became a colossal nightmare, and a tale of how one company's CEO, engineers, and techies had more important things to do than backups.

We look forward to reading about your own IT experience: send it to offtherecord@infoworld.com.


* In the midst of a massive datacenter consolidation, a techie discovers that the devil is in the details when dealing with "The Windows server migration that wouldn't go away."

* Who's doing the backups? A tale of how something as basic and important as backups can slip through the cracks in a business.

* "Your past IT performance may come back to reward you." How a techie's three-week contract gig and an Autostart worm infestation lay the groundwork for a permanent position.

* In the tale "An IT wannabe tries to pass the hiring gauntlet," a self-taught techie hopes resourcefulness and enthusiasm for the profession will help him in the IT door.


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