Eight resolutions for a greener 2010

Start down the sustainability path with some relatively simple baby steps

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2010 would be a great year for IT to tackle the problem of print waste by configuring print settings to default at double-sided, black-and-white copies. You could take conservation a step further by investing in a product such as GreenPrint, which further helps eliminate printing of superfluous full pages or specific print elements (text or images). At the high end, there are full hardware and software print solutions from companies such as Equitrac that can help reduce machine count by combining print and copy functions, as well as reduce wasted paper by requiring users to key in a code at a machine before it will spit out their documents.

7. Identify one significant opportunity for change. These aforementioned resolutions should prove fairly easy to carry out -- and hopefully they'll prove successful and worthwhile enough to tackle larger projects. To get that ball rolling, how about starting with the smaller step of identifying an opportunity for savings through a green-tech implementation? For example, if you have a large datacenter, assess how much it's costing you to power and cool the setup, and perhaps measure your PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). If it's a high number, you might have motivation to consider, say, virtualization.

Similarly, if your organization has a large fleet of vehicles, take some time to assess the efficiency of your delivery routes or how much you've spent on fuel year over year. If you see opportunities for improvements, look into IT solutions for streamlining routes and managing vehicle fuel consumption.

A final example: If your organization has offices or customers spread out across the country or around the globe, and you're spending exorbitant amounts of money and time on airfare and hotel stays, consider supplementing some of that wasteful (and environmentally unfriendly) travel with videoconferencing or telepresence.

[ The InfoWorld Test Center took a close look at telepresence offerings earlier this year. ]

8. Share your green-tech success story. Two years ago, InfoWorld launched its Green 15 awards, recognizing organizations of all sizes for successfully implementing technology projects with eco-friendly results. Multinational corporations, SMBs, schools, and public institutions alike have demonstrated how they can reap environmental and economic benefits from green IT -- and inspire other organizations to follow suit. Thus, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite readers to nominate organizations for the 2010 Green 15 awards.

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I hope this list of resolutions inspires you to take a step or two further down the green path. Even low-hanging green fruit can hold significant benefits, both environmental and economical. On that note, I'd also like to bid my readers season's greetings and a very happy, healthy, and green 2010.

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