Google enhances Analytics API

Google bolsters an advanced segmentation feature in the Analytics Data Export API to enable examination of data nuances

Google on Monday unveiled enhancements to its Google Analytics Data Export API, bolstering an advanced segmentation capability for examining the nuances of data.

Google Analytics Data Export API, which currently is in beta release, enables development of client applications to request data from an existing Analytics profile and refine the results.  Google Analytics offers insight into Web site traffic and marketing effectiveness.

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Advanced segmentation enables examination into the nuances of data.  "For example, the average time on site for all visits could be 60 seconds, but when you segment by country, you might learn that average time on site of visits from Poland is over two minutes," said Nick Mihailovski, on behalf of the Google Analytics API Team, in the Google Code Blog.

Google has added two new ways for using advanced segments through the API. Developers can create them on the fly by specifying an expression through an API query and use advanced segments created in the Google Analytics Web interface through the API.

Google on Monday also announced an API for Google Fusion Tables. The Fusion Tables service enables sharing and visualizing of data online. The Google Fusion Tables API enables programmatic access to  content from Google Fusion Tables.

"With the new Fusion Tables API, you can update and query your dataset in Fusion Tables programmatically without ever logging in to the Fusion Tables Web site. The API means you can import data from whatever data source you may have, whether a text file or a full-powered data base,"  said Anno Langen, Jayant Madhavan, and Rebecca Shapley of the Google Fusion Tables Team, in a blog entry. "On the more exotic side, imagine you're collecting data via survey software on GPS-enabled cell phones, as the Open Data Kit project is doing. Open Data Kit uses Google App Engine and the Fusion Tables API to instantly map locations of survey results."

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