You won't believe these USB devices

10 wacky devices for your spare USB port: foot warmer, racing car, dancing robot, and much more must-have craziness

Talk about stocking stuffers sure to make someone smile: has found 10 wacky USB devices that use the USB ports on your computers in ways no sane person would imagine. But fortunately, someone did.

In our search for wacky USB devices, these 10 stood out as the wackiest of all: an aquarium, a remote-control race car, foot-warming slippers, a dancing robot, a chess board, a missile launcher, an eye and brain massager, a bamboo fountain, an LED nameplate, and a fragrance oil burner. We're not kidding; you can see them all in our slideshow "10 wacky USB devices."

While you're gawking at these strangely compelling gadgets, we invite you to check out our recommendations for other great tech gifts. They may not be as wacky, but they are as compeling:

After all, if there's one thing we geeks all love to do, no matter what type of science, engineering, or tech focus floats our boat, it's to play with technology that is both cool and useful. Sometimes that means toying around with a somewhat esoteric gadget. Other times that means soaking up new tech know-how we can apply at home or at work. Either way, there're plenty of cool ideas in the lists above.

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