The biggest tech turkeys of 2009

What do Michael Arrington, Apple tablet rumor-mongers, alleged 'skank' Liskula Cohen, and Fox News' Glenn Beck have in common? They're all winners of my Golden Gobblers awards

Once again it's time for my pre-Thanksgiving feast, where I honor the individuals who acted the most like turkeys over the last 11 months. (Next month I'll get to my awards for malfeasance and general asshattedness by groups and corporations.)

Last year I honored rocker Axl Rose, escort-friendly ex-governor Eliot Spitzer, Chinese Premier Jen Waibao, Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, and Yahoo's Jerry Yang with virtual Gobbler statuettes (cranberry sauce not included).

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Here are eight public figures from 2009 who really need to get stuffed.

Apple Tableteers. The flying car is more real than this mythical object of fascination. It's certainly not Apple's fault. No, it's the members of the breathless Apple-tablet-obsessed blogosphere (you know who you are) who deserve this accolade for stoking a few sparks into a raging inferno of dubious information. We may yet see an Apple tablet, but I for one have long stopped caring.

Cem Kinay. The Turks & Caicos resort developer earns his place on my list for his attempts to squash tiny TCI Journal, a volunteer-based news site that had the temerity to report Kinay was one of the developers accused of bribing the island's governor into handing over choice real estate for a fraction of its actual value. The governor was removed from office, and Kinay's attempts to suppress knowledge of his part in the scandal have been for naught.

Glenn Beck. Yes, I know, I'm going to hear it from the Fox Faithful. Too bad. Beck's shameless scare mongering about some secret government plan to “own” our computers via the Cash for Clunkers program was beyond ludicrous. If you want to continue to believe that, be my guest. I'm buying shares in the company that makes Reynolds Wrap -- I predict huge spikes in the price of tin foil over the next three years.

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