The top 100 IT projects of 2009

2009 InfoWorld 100 Awards: IT remains the lifeblood of forward-thinking organizations, as this year's recipients of InfoWorld's highest honor attest

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Hovnanian Enterprises
Integrated ERP and CRM Initiative
Project lead: Lori Fraticelli, Director of Development
Project description: Hovnanian consolidated 20 separate legacy ERP and CRM applications into an Oracle-based system running on virtualized Hewlett-Packard servers.
Industry: Construction

International Game Technology
Automated Manufacturing Operation
Project lead: Richard Hardcastle, Business Process and Implementation Manager
Project description: International Game Technology automated its manufacturing operations, extending existing SAP systems to manufacturing via an interactive AES layer, tapping RFID and bar code technology, as well as xDDI functionality from Acsis.
Industry: Manufacturing

Interstate Transport
Emergency Response Logistics Initiative
Project lead: Nathaniel Engelsen, CIO
Project description: Working with the Florida Department of Emergency Management, Interstate Transport developed an emergency resources tracking system, using .Net, IVR, and Web portals to integrate the system with legacy inventory, GIS, and management suites.
Industry: Transportation

Biometric-Enabled ERP System
Project lead: Vikas Kapoor, CEO
Project description: iQor overhauled its call center operations with TeQ21, a biometric-enabled ERP system that integrates VoIP, human resources management, compliance management, and network and data management, as well as thin client technology from Hewlett-Packard and biometrics from DigitalPersona.
Industry: Services

Johnson & Johnson
Social Media Employee Collaboration Platform
Project lead: Ryan Mazeffa, IT Manager, Web Services, IT Services
Project description: Johnson & Johnson developed a corporate collaboration platform based on technology from Adobe, Microsoft, and Photon Infotech and integrated the platform into a .Net-based SOA layer to leverage existing open source investments, such as OpenFire, Red5, and Drupal.
Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Juniper Networks
Web 2.0 Initiative
Project lead: Michele Goins, CIO
Project description: Juniper overhauled its Web presence with 2.0, a 45-server Web infrastructure based on Interwoven content management, Autonomy integrated search, and Akamai content delivery.
Industry: Technology

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.
CRM Initiative
Project lead: Nelson T. Lin, VP of IT Services/CIO
Project description: Konica Minolta extended the capabilities of its SaaS-based CRM through Web services to automate business processes and account data management, integrating the on-demand platform with numerous back-end ERP systems, as well as third-party apps supported by various business partners.
Industry: Manufacturing

Kool Smiles
Thin-Client EHR Initiative
Project lead: Mark Blomquist, Chief Technical Architect
Project description: Kool Smiles built out a Wyse-based thin-client infrastructure to support the electronic health records systems at 13 new dental offices across the United States.
Industry: Health care

Lathrop & Gage
Telepresence Network Initiative
Project lead: Ben Weinberger, CIO
Project description: Lathrop & Gage revamped its IT communications infrastructure, switching from ISDN to IP and implementing telepresence, tapping technology from Polycom and Riverbed.
Industry: Legal

Layered Technologies
Automated Server Provisioning Platform
Project lead: Terrance Bush, COO/CIO
Project description: Layered Technologies automated its server provisioning operations, integrating ordering, billing, inventory managment, and purchasing into the system using SOAP, Java, and Microsoft AX.
Industry: Service provider

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